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  1. i meant how far it travels. it obviously changes, so it was a stupid question...never mind. The linked example is for a hermetic environment, but i get the gist... what's the vertical axis on this graph about, then? change in signal modulation...something... why is it negative? the frequency decreasing with time?
  2. hmmm, my hearing range seems to be significantly less than 32 khz... does range make much difference at high frequencies? using the most suitable material optimally engineered for the purpose, and located in your inner ear, what's the smallest possible?
  3. Would an audibly vibrating piece of metal (i.e. a tuning fork) behave in the same way as it was reduced in size (extremely small)? presumably if you blast relatively lower frequency soundwaves at it, you could get it to vibrate harmonically, but how does scale change things?
  4. How can i hack light bulbs so i can make the lights flicker? I want someone i have under surveillance to know how closely i'm watching them, e.g, when they're reading a book and they come to a sentence that could allude to some episode of their life, icould flicker the lights so they know i'm reading the book along with them. Or those elctric heaters that click as they change temperature, how do ihack the electricity supply to one of those? i would i have to rig the room specially?
  5. The interactive surveillance operation following you around while you're homeless is somehow able to produce a high-pitched ringing sound in your ears. You are convinced it isn't tinnitus, and you've conluded that the purpose of it is either some form of emotional or other direct manipulation, or indirect manipulation, i.e. just messing you up by getting you to think about it. This morning, you played a song on the piano and then went to the park and looked at some swans, then googled whether swans could fly or not. You sit down to watch TV, the same song you played eariler is being used in a trailer for a documetary about kakapo's (flightless parrots). Do you conclude a) stuff is being inserted into the TV schedule, b) the broadcast is private and made and delivered just for you, c) that it's the regular schedule and you are being massively directly manipulated such that your actions fit some narrative? What sort of logical problem is this? What other possibilties might there be than the three i've given? You've already elliminated the possibility that you're nuts and it's coincidence.
  6. hard not to take it that way... he he like you had to do .org
  7. i don't like that a mod can pull rank in a thread and then answer same person immediately in another thread. My problem, but still....
  8. Supply and demand dictates they are already here. The rich, seekers of prolonged life - why not if your rich enough - will have been sold the potential of organs that their immune systems will routinely accept decades ago. The earliest of the clones could be in their 30's, right?
  9. Is there any part of your post except the identifiction of 74sxxx series (i don't pretend to know what that is) that isn't redundant? I hate to be a snip, but i feel like i spend a lot of time seperating the wheat from the chaff, as it were... Your not making this easier
  10. I think your talking about your admirable culture rather than your institutions. The culture is quickly becoming common to all of us. Whether the institutions change to represent us as we want to be represented is another story. The privelleged are unbelievably strong in your country. If you want to fight them, well maybe your an honorarary european, or maybe we're all honarary atlanteans! I might be over selling this but... DOWN WITH THE CARGO CULT POLITICO-FINANCIERS! Ahem. Socialist hymns aside, what does an institution that protects and represnts need to be? Probably 'election machine' is the bread and butter in a democracy... To all, don't let imatfaal's lawyerism lower the tone... put your point to the OP as i made it. like ten oz - There is no significant altrernative party that purports to represent the unpriveleged in the US. I'm assuming you have some sort of trade union representation.... hell, maybe your representation is so sophisticated no-one can even see it! Ha! (fuck off, your majesty) i dunno, in some way i get the impression all is required of us is to speak when we'respoken to, although that's taken to vquite a sinister manifestation in my case.
  11. Ah right. I'm talking kebab shops and grocery markets, so i'll just fuck off over here out of the way. Cos it's not like it's us who's getting pissed off innit? It's when your feckin jobs get threatened. knobh**ds. But seriously though, that sounds like some sort of industrial tribunal type jobby. Keeps self-aggrandising delusional lawyers like imatfaal happy, but culturally null. Because are YOU going to hack someones face off with an eighteen inch kebab knife? probably not, but when it comes down to it you acountanty types can be mean mutha fuckas (and who does the damage? not us)
  12. ok the assumption the we have to assume something... you have to get off the bus somewhere. context gets limited Right enough. I have a hard time believing any moral or ethics foundations dosen't stand or fall by it's consequences. So not that dissimilar. i'm buggered if i'm going to commit to defending any philosophy under these circumstances. And i have to complain that you haven't addressed my OP. And stop lawyering at me.
  13. I don't feel particularly confident expanding on this, yet... What matters is outcomes, right? I mean philosophy degenerates into nihilsm in the absence of self-evidence, and that makes believers out of all of us; even mathematical axioms are defended on the basis of their good consequences. The scientific utopia of the Communists failed because we lacked knowledge, because we assumed that what we knew was enough to build a political sytem,,, would it help to bring people in if i said sex reassignment is probably bordering on psychologiacla torture for political ends
  14. Have you ever been around a women of advanced years who feels she's lost status, and takes it out on you just for having seen? There are at least four genders if you ask me. To your experience, as i've been told off for, the issue is the extent to which it generalises i suppose. Gender is based on how hormones influence brain development right? I didn't say i didn't like her. Hurkle
  15. mmmfff... for what it's worth, the contemporary emphasis on developing a strong "cult" of femininity is better than the old-school attacks on the "cult" of masculinity. Segueing back toward reality. Definitely better for the workplace, i would've thought. right, right, i suppose professionalism sort of transcends this sort of stuff. I'm not a professional and i take your point.
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