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  1. Again a question, is it necessary for stars to have the temperatures that we know of?
  2. Here I am not supporting wars. This is just my theory (could be a foolish one). I always think that wars have made us more intelligent. It is the need to defend ourselves we advanced in technology (or is it the other way around). We started with weapons like swords and moved upwards. We came up with radios, planes, Turing machine which led to advancements in computers. As we advanced in computer technology, mastered its language we started to get many answers for a lot of questions. I also feel like if we find some new language (like computer language) we get all the answers to the questions about our universe. So my question is, are wars a reason for our advancements.?
  3. Not higher temperature than the star but temperature very near to the star...
  4. Thanks for your inputs. I was wondering, if life on other planets exists, is it necessary for that planet to have the same conditions like ours. That "poisonous gas" is just an example. Again to take an example..Let me assume there is a planet ABC which is very near to its star and the temperature on that planet is some Billion centigrades. Now generally we would ignore that planet to have any life on it. Now if there is a life form on that planet which has adapted to that "unlivable Conditions". I'm just wondering, if there is a possibility like that!
  5. I recently got interested in our space. While I was watching documentries about Cosmos, I got this question. Scientists are searching for planets which might have water so that it can support life on it. What if some beings evolved to the conditions they have on their planet. For example, take a planet which doesnt have conditions that doesnt support life as we humans know. It is filled with a heavily poisionus gas that would kill us instantly. But what if some beings evolved on that planet and that poisonous gas is like Oxygen to them. Arent we ignoring those planets while searching for extraterrestrial life.
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