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  1. But how would I capture the light in front of me that normally goes in my eyes, and turn it upside down?
  2. I'm trying to make glasses for inverting vision so I can do the experiment where the brain gets used to inverted vision. I can't figure out how the mirrors would be arranged, and how to make sure the image is just like it's going directly in the eyes, except it is inverted. I don't need help with making the glasses, I just need to know how the mirrors would be arranged.
  3. What annoys me is that many people think of the universe as just being paused, and then someone decided to press the play button.
  4. I make metal powders by rubbing the metal against a file. It takes a long time though. Back when I was just a stupid child who wanted to watch chemicals explode, I would try to make copper oxide by making copper filings and heating them.
  5. I don't know if this is correct, but I like to think of the Big Bang as where time didn't even exist. It was more than paused, and the universe just "began". Time existed all the time the universe has existed, but not before. It's trippy and difficult to explain in words. Just imagine you always existed at the nursery, waiting for someone to adopt you. It's like when a toddler turns 3 and starts becoming concious. The toddler can't remember the conciousness ever starting.
  6. Hey there! I found this forum because I have always tried to participate in other subjects, but I eventually went crazy because I couldn't relate to any of the stuff, so I remembered that I like science and googled science forum, and found this. I hope I become a respected user here one day, unlike the other forums.
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