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  1. Based on prior knowledge that testicle temperatures have to be cooler for optimal production and lifespan of sperm, I heard that marine mammals do not have a scrotum and keep their balls in their bodies. How do they keep their balls cool? Can the same mechanisms work on land if such a mechanism evolved too later on? One sex joke made by a my friend who studies bio-chem was that if men kept their balls to themselves, there would be less incidents like the below. http://www.whatsonsanya.com/news-17236-outrage-sparked-after-monkey-bites-off-boy-s-testicle-at-zoo-in-guizhou.html
  2. ttyo888


    But even if the Martians exhale oxygen, I wouldn't want to be in front of a big ugly martian's mouth. ^^
  3. ttyo888


    Hey speaking of which scientists just discovered a bacteria that uses methane to produce oxygen. Moontanman can you verify if this is true? I know that wikipedia has mistakes on the science parts. http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100324/full/news.2010.146.html
  4. ttyo888


    Wait guys, he said subterranean.... Won't the concentration of oxygen be higher if chemo-synthetic organisms are there?
  5. Interesting.... but long, narrow wings will need wind or else they can't fly right?
  6. Hold a minute, new research suggested that pterosaurs had an air sac system. http://www.livescience.com/animals/090217-pterosaur-air.html Maybe something similar or something can evolve in a mammal? I think this shouldn't be a problem but the question is why should it evolve in the first place?
  7. Most Bat wings look all the same to me. For pterosaurs it's still under speculation. Any Bat Experts care to tell us more?
  8. I see where are you getting at you must have watched the Avatar movie. "They have bones reinforced with naturally occuring carbon fiber......" I find that pretty absurd really. Carbon fiber is produced under artificial conditions... how is possible for an organism even if it's from another planet to have bones reinforced with carbon fiber..
  9. Thank you so much.... But so in summary there is no way to strength a bone without impairing function...
  10. Hi Mokele so it's possible to mix enamel with bones of the body? Or will it be brittle?
  11. Is there a rodent flu? I know I sound stupid but about 2 thirds as of what I know of mammals population are rodents....
  12. I want to know is it biologically possible for enamel or dentin to be formed not only on the teeth but also in the bones? Won't this organism have a stronger skeleton?
  13. Wow imagine what this creature will become in the future.. A real "Flying" Squirrel once that piece of bone becomes longer.
  14. so the squirrel can fold back this bone at will? so can we imagine when the time and ecology pressures are right, maybe this bone might become a longer until this creature can fly?
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