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  1. Based on prior knowledge that testicle temperatures have to be cooler for optimal production and lifespan of sperm, I heard that marine mammals do not have a scrotum and keep their balls in their bodies. How do they keep their balls cool? Can the same mechanisms work on land if such a mechanism evolved too later on? One sex joke made by a my friend who studies bio-chem was that if men kept their balls to themselves, there would be less incidents like the below. http://www.whatsonsanya.com/news-17236-outrage-sparked-after-monkey-bites-off-boy-s-testicle-at-zoo-in-guizhou.html
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    But even if the Martians exhale oxygen, I wouldn't want to be in front of a big ugly martian's mouth. ^^
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    Hey speaking of which scientists just discovered a bacteria that uses methane to produce oxygen. Moontanman can you verify if this is true? I know that wikipedia has mistakes on the science parts. http://www.nature.com/news/2010/100324/full/news.2010.146.html
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    Wait guys, he said subterranean.... Won't the concentration of oxygen be higher if chemo-synthetic organisms are there?
  5. Interesting.... but long, narrow wings will need wind or else they can't fly right?
  6. Hold a minute, new research suggested that pterosaurs had an air sac system. http://www.livescience.com/animals/090217-pterosaur-air.html Maybe something similar or something can evolve in a mammal? I think this shouldn't be a problem but the question is why should it evolve in the first place?
  7. Most Bat wings look all the same to me. For pterosaurs it's still under speculation. Any Bat Experts care to tell us more?
  8. I see where are you getting at you must have watched the Avatar movie. "They have bones reinforced with naturally occuring carbon fiber......" I find that pretty absurd really. Carbon fiber is produced under artificial conditions... how is possible for an organism even if it's from another planet to have bones reinforced with carbon fiber..
  9. Thank you so much.... But so in summary there is no way to strength a bone without impairing function...
  10. Hi Mokele so it's possible to mix enamel with bones of the body? Or will it be brittle?
  11. Is there a rodent flu? I know I sound stupid but about 2 thirds as of what I know of mammals population are rodents....
  12. I want to know is it biologically possible for enamel or dentin to be formed not only on the teeth but also in the bones? Won't this organism have a stronger skeleton?
  13. Wow imagine what this creature will become in the future.. A real "Flying" Squirrel once that piece of bone becomes longer.
  14. so the squirrel can fold back this bone at will? so can we imagine when the time and ecology pressures are right, maybe this bone might become a longer until this creature can fly?
  15. I am just curious about the structure of that hook at the wrist... Is it like a panda's thumb and can be moved independently of the hand?
  16. Oh I see unless the Pterosaur has long legs to run on walk on the water like a water bird.. otherwise it will sink like a stone. But this will limit the size limit of the species but I guess that's okay since swans are pretty impressive size. This will also mean that the wing fingers will be atrophied.. Sounds like one of the Pterosaurs; the Nyctosaurus whose wing fingers are either missing from the fossil record or it's atrophied.
  17. Finally someone upload the video Nat Geo took down Quadrupedal Launch But can the same technique be used on water like the same way ducks and swans take off from water surface. Can these creature run on water on fours rather than on twos or will they sink like a stone?
  18. OK thanks Mokele I hope this animation will not only help Animators but also Scientists too. Okay here's the 3rd versions... but do note that this animations are based on "ground up", They will not apply much if they are dropping from a cliff or a tree branch.
  19. Hi I am just wondering how do pterosaurs take off from the ground using all four limbs. http://blogs.ngm.com/blog_central/2009/08/pterosaur-takeoff-.html I still had some doubts so I decided to animate the thing in my computer graphic program. Becos I have a creature design project that needs a creature that can take off using 4 limbs. I need some guy from a scientific viewpoint to see if my animated creature seem plausible. This one is for smaller species... This one is based on references of smaller birds which take off immediately from a standing start. Also smaller species have a lot of wing flapping. This one is for bigger species.. Becos it's heavier than the small one, it will take jumps before take off. The number of jumps and runs required will increase with the size of the species... the 8 m wingspan species will need about 3-4 hops before it takes off.
  20. How about a dewlap? But mammals cannot extend or fold back.
  21. it might be possible that the creature's ears could have disadvantages?
  22. the closed thing to a sail or sail like structure are the ears of certain animals.
  23. hmm if say the creature has a core temperature of 29 to 32? So to say are there creatures that are in between cold and warm blood. They are able to regulate their temperatures but also rely a bit on outside temperatures too. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedOk... thanks But hey I remember that we evolved from sail backe reptile right? So is it possible that a modern mammal due to reevolve a sail? Just asking.
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