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  1. Very interesting article but I am quite curious as so the actinofibrils act something to make the skin more stronger. but how can they change the shape of the wing. Maybe I am not smart enough to understand some of the terms in the article.
  2. I have heard that pterosaurs can change the shape of their wing membranes... How is this possible? Can Bats do that same like say use wing fibers to control the shape of their membranes
  3. Ok but Owls and birds do not have pinnae but they can still hear. Why is that? In fact Owls can hear pretty well. Oilbirds even echolocate!
  4. How much electricity/energy is needed to produce CH4 by directly using a current and just CO2? Can it be done naturally by microbes?
  5. Ok thanks for clarifying.
  6. Ah I see... But if the animal has no Pinnae[the cartilage] can it still hear well? What if the animals has a Pinnae that the structure of a conch shells.
  7. I am just curious does the size of a ear affect the sensitivity of one's hearing?
  8. Mouse

    ear size

    Does the size of an animal's ear effect how good it's hearing will be?
  9. Mouse


    Ok if they dun breathe oxygen there must some substance like Fe 3+ .etc as a electron donor. Am I asking the right questions?
  10. Mouse


    http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2010/04/anoxic-animals/ So these animals dun breathe?
  11. Mouse


    ???:confused: ok here's a diagram I hope someone can verify whether it's a theory or false. I hope this doesn't meant that animals with hydrogenosomes do not breathe?
  12. Mouse


    I was just fascinated that we have multi cellular animals that can live with no oxygen. But i am a bit curious about Hydrogenosomes? What are they? Some of the articles are a bit tough for me to understand. Also how is this hydrogenosome allow the organism to make food and how is this in contrast with photosynthesis apart from the absence of light.
  13. I see... sorry if this sounds whimical. I am just curious.... I believe something like this could be going on on Mars. But you can't make acetate in CO2 rather even if you are near a hot spring or volcano?
  14. Thanks a lot. So that means they might eat other organisms for acetate or is there another way to synthesize their own?
  15. I see thanks a lot... so if they breath iron[iII] like say from hemetite. then what do they "eat". And if will they survive in a cave on Mars? If so which part of the food chain will they be? Producers?
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