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  1. This ended up on the BBC!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/10301713.stm Original video at
  2. Indeed, but then no-one knows what that is.... another mystery!? We aren't suggesting there is some great scandal or cover-up, just like to get people thinking about science... and perhaps some food for thought for all those people who always imagine it as a big soild lump... Fifa certainly only ever mention that is it is solid gold with malachite at its base... All good fun!
  3. We discussed the chemistry of the famous trophy (gold, malachite) and conclude it is most likely empty inside... A hollow victory perhaps?
  4. A short film we've posted to give a feel about what an astronomer does on an observing trip...
  5. Our Bismuth Video... deals with the radioactivity question especially...
  6. We had a bit of fun with our new video to mark the LHC being switched on again... Some nice explanations too though, in my unbiased opinion...
  7. Thank you and thanks for watching... The reason we keep going and enjoy it so much is because people keep watching them! We always love reading the comments on YouTube... well, most of them!
  8. I make the films and website
  9. We had some fund for Halloween by unleashing three chemists to destroy pumpkins in three different ways... In the name of education of course! The three methods were smashing (with liquid nitrogen), burning with alcoholic gel and setting off a kilogram of thermite!! Video is at Any other suggested methods?
  10. Robin Hood

    Nobel Prize

    Video we made for the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics.... I detected a slight "pure physics" vs "applied physics" tone at times!
  11. Short film we posted this week with a simple explanation of uranium enrichment...
  12. We made this film about entropy... Then followed it with this "clarification" because of people getting the wrong idea! The clarification is more fun than the original in my opinion!
  13. Our latest chem video, just because it's the reaction everyone asks for!!! (and we didn't enhance it with explosives, unlike some!!!)
  14. Here's my video from China! Got very lucky with weather when I hear what happen to others who made the journey!!!!
  15. Hi, The YouTube videos we make about chemistry celebrated their first birthday today, so we blew up a cake to celebrate... The video's here: The actual baking of the cake was pretty interesting too, because we did it in a lab... Cheers for looking! Brady Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedFrom the video...
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