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  1. As a trained pharmacologist, I have generally found through teachings or readings of scientific articles, that physical addiction of psychedelics such as THC or LSD are much less than other compounds. It still exists to a certain degree or course, but the relaitively speaking, physical addiction of THC is much lower. With that said, it doesn't mean THC is a safe drug. There are plenty of examples where its properties are healthy, but there are also plenty of evidence for the opposite. Secondly, just because physical addiction is low, it doesn't mean that psychological addiction is also low. Everyone can become psychologically addicted to anything. With drugs such as thc, it may be a little easier than let's say a tomato. The reason for this is THC tends to relax people, you may find your stresses not bothering you as much, and this ultimately will be a feeling that will be hard to give up, and you will feel that you need it. So don't be fooled pot is addictive, just not necessarily the same way as alcohol or heroine.
  2. Hi, I am Dr. J. Guy Herman, a pharmacologist and cancer researcher by training. Presently entering the realm of science/medical writing and communications with my new website Uncomplicated Scientist. Hope we can have some good discussions. Peace
  3. If you're going to buy cell lines this way, most of the cells you will actually be able to purchase are from ATCC.
  4. Technically a human can reach up to something like 200 miles/hr reaching terminal velocity, but actually running, not as fast. Maybe if we could master the use of those anime speed lines, then we'd be set.
  5. It’s true, the loudest animal in the world (relatively speaking), as described by BBC News ‘Singing penis’ sets noise record for water insect, is a fresh water insect (Micronecta scholtzi) that plays “music” by rubbing its penis on its abdomen. This music reaches levels up to 99.7 decibels. Relating this to a sounds we may all understand, that is equivalent to a listening to a very loud orchestra or music act from the front row. It should also be noted that this tiny bug, in the grand scheme of things is not much quieter than much larger animals such as blue whales. The reason these little bugs don’t completely cause our heads to cave in, is because they live under water. The sound is dampened by the water way before they reach our ears; however, the fact that the sound is noticeable to our ears from bugs sitting at the bottom of the river is incredible. So the question is, why does this bug choose to play music with its sexual organ? Well, for the same reason most male animals play music, to attract a female. Check out the BBC article, Singing penis’ sets noise record for water insect, for some cool pictures and you can listen to an mp3 file of the insects song From Uncomplicatedscientist.com
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