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  1. Errr Goodfellas? Because its a pizza.
  2. My point is that I dont think religion will "just fizzle out". My point is I think religion is an evolved predisposition. My point is I think religion is here to stay - like it or not.
  3. Sorry if there is another thread like this. So whats your favourite film? Mine is: 28days later.
  4. Keep in mind that even 79% is a majority! Keep in mind that this is post scientific revolution! Keep in mind that this backs up many psychologists conclusions that religion is in-built in the human brain!
  5. Well America wouldn't really have highest percentage of creationists. Actually according to the encyclopedia britannica, the worlds non proponents of religion are far less 14% and even 10%. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religions
  6. When In the 21st century, only 10% of the worlds population are atheist, what makes you think religion will just fizzle out?
  7. Personal observations. Personal scepticism. Lack of long term data. Problems with isolating death from smoking from death by other means in populations.
  8. I may print that out and show it to my Nan.
  9. Which study did you get this from? Dont get me wrong, I think the dangers of smoking are sensationalized. The deaths from smoking dont seem to be as many as we are told to believe. benefits may be overlooked in between the antismoking ranting.
  10. Yeah, I guess I've been on Richard Dawkins Forums too long.
  11. Well to clarify: In general Atheists resent the corruption of young minds and basic indoctrination. As well as the dismissal of established science(like evolution) that religion involves.
  12. I did! I didnt start the thread "to bash religion". I started the thread because I thought most of us here were above believing in superstitions, so therefore asked the question "Would we be better off if religion was not here?", or would we in fact be worse off?
  13. Huh? Are you retarded? Where did I say I hate religions?
  14. Are we wrong to hate religions? Afterall they do a lot of good, and many followers do become more selfless people. Would the world be a worst place without religions?
  15. He got the looks and sound of a fruit loop, but talks evolution. Het het het het
  16. Im open to the posibility that we may be altering the climate. Why are you not open to the posibility that this period of warming is natural fluctuation? The only answer I can think of is you guys are indoctrinated by media and political hype towards wholely uncertain principles of climate change of planets.
  17. No! It takes resources to look after the disabled, if there are no excess resources the disabled will be first to go. Thats why war-torn countries allow disabled children to die young and malnourished in poor conditions, at best.
  18. Yes they are! They are progressing towards larger populations and more variety of genes...Todays bad genes could be connected to tomorrows cutting-edge for all we know. Which is still evolving, if this is indeed so... Its not regression, it is adapting to a change in environment - evolving ! By your rationale, would you say the Sloth has regressed, because it has become slow and lazy? Or would you say it has refined its efficiency to living in an environment lacking predation?
  19. Its funny how you along with the theists can only see people who dont believe as you, as ''belivers in the opposite''. :rolleyes:
  20. Well in this country there is no such thing as a child consenting to sex. Its basically assumed that consent to sex implies the consentee is over 16.
  21. Well child molesting is often kept quiet also. The police still investigate it. The reason you hear about ''the crime of child molesting'' is because it is a crime, not because it may or may not have been hushed up.
  22. But it was clear my contention wasnt about whether I thought paedophilia is legal in my country, it was whether I thought incest of a non-paedophile/rape nature was policed in my country. Jesus Christ! Only a dick would think I was including paedophilia in my doubts of legality in Britain.
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