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  1. Hello Quantumleap,

    I've never used this medium to post so I'm hoping to communicate with someone that has a serious interest in the contents and structure of our universe.

  2. I've never posted a comment before, but would be interested in conversing on a hypothesis that energy is magnetism and that

    matter is the alternate structure of magnetism while the primary structure would be a neutral matrix. i.e. transparency is perfect conductivity of appropriate frequencies. Not the absence of a medium.

  3. Hi, My name is Joe. My topic of interest in this forum is a clarification of string theory and the possible geometric structures of energy that may be present using Planck length strings. My life long interests, though not my career, have been in the way things work. An interest that ranges from the ridiculously simple to the super complex. My hopes are that this forum will provide some additional information on how the LHC can provide information on the structure of quantum particles through the destruction of those structures. I speak not of the parts of parts, but of how they were put together. A hypothesis that I have spent over 4 years developing seems to answer many questions of energy and matter through envisioned and modeled structures of energy. My focus has been primarily on the E in Einstein's theory of Special Relativity. We know what it does, but what does it look like? My limited math skills may have lead me astray, but my sense of geometric truth pushes me forward. I have been frequently disappointed by sarcastic comments of aloofness by individuals who write of what they do not know. I also write of what I do not know, but hopefully it is always with a vision of clarity based on what I can illustrate, and explain. This is a difficult subject to talk about, but thankfully great minds before ours have given us most of the words and formulas against which we can test our ideas. I always look forward to opinions that will negate my hypothesis with truthful knowledge. Basically I have a belief that almost all of the science has been done and now we only need to find the correct perception of what we now know to be true as well as what we think might be true. I welcome all engaging, non-sarcastic, conversation.
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