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  1. Hey, I was wondering what the results of aqueous FeSO4 + KMnO4 under acidic conditions would be, and also what colour changes would be observed. I know FeSO4 is initially green, and KMnO4 is purple, but i'm not sure of the changes in oxidation states that would occur. Would go to Fe2O3 + MnO2, therefore turning a blackish brown? but then the K is not accounted for.
  2. flash drives have been known (although very rarely) to sometimes fry your motherboard (or parts of it). I'm not 100% sure how it works, but i read about it somewhere, it might have been in tech support alert... *goes to try to find it*
  3. yes important to remember that. with limewire, you can turn on the filtering so as to only show legal downloads. However, with the google method, it is impossible to tell unless you actually go onto the site to check. a cool thing though is many bands nowadays offer a few free songs on their websites for downloads, as tasters.
  4. yeah, rinse and then make sure its dry (very important to be dry). It should work fine. If you want to be really careful test it on a work computer or the like
  5. You must make sure you got limewire from the actual limewire site, or from somewhere like download.com because there are MANY virus-laden versions of limewire out there. however, i didnt know you could put viruses in music formats? Anyway, there are alternate methods for music. you can use google to find music. try this site where you can put in the name of a song or artist, and see if there are any copies you can get of it from the net. However, this is quite likely illegal for all the music you find, and you may not always get heaps of results. edit:the alternate method is to type it in by hand: intitle:"index of" +mp3 +"name of artist or song" -html -htm -php -asp
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    yeah, KNO3 is used in some fertilisers, as is ammonium nitrate. I know you can get KNO3 from Sodium nitrate + potassium chloride (NaNO3 + KCl, sodium nitrate is also in fertilisers), and i think you would be able to do the same with the ammonium nitrate, producing NH4Cl and KNO3
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    sorry, my bad on the Al thanks for the help
  8. hey, i was wondering would i be correct in saying that most sparklers are made out of: KNO3 A transition metal (such as Al) Either C or S
  9. As far as ive read (and this is by no means comprehensive) there are substances harder than diamond, even by the Mohs scale, but diamond has its reputation because it is the hardest naturally occurring substance. But then, what counts as naturally occurring? something could be naturally occurring in the middle of a star, or in some other exceptional situation. maybe it was 'occurring on earth'. something like that Edit: Ha, it seems ive given this thread a second resurrection.
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