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  1. Greetings, live long and prosper, and I come in peace (or pieces: easy to assemble). I was a computer programmer (ancient times = b4 Bill Gates) and was laid off in 2009. My original degree was a BS in Physics, so I decided to go back to grad school and get my teacher certification. I was just hired and am looking forward to my first year teaching HS. I have a ham extra class license although I have not had time to pursue that hobby recently, plus my antenna needs repair and can't afford it right now. I love math, physics, chemistry, Harry Potter, and the Chronicles of Narnia. I am male and have been happily married for 37 years; have also raised 5 children. No current pets but may obtain one once financially stable again. I have strong Christian beliefs but do not adhere to a particular denomination. I see God's handiwork in all the minute details of our beautiful universe. My hero was Albert. I am currently extremely upset with both political parties. My current political belief is that all elected officials at the state and federal level should pay the utility bills for the buildings in which they work, live, hold court, etc. out of their own pockets. That would really make them "go green". I just thought the above was a little better than "Hi, I'm new."
  2. There are some really good video courses from MIT. Just go to Google and type in MIT open courseware. If they are too advanced now, keep them in mind for later. If you want to see some really cool physics just to get you interested, try the electricity and magnetism course.
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