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    That's impossible to answer, but the closest to taking the ... cake, is physics.

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  1. Hello all, I had an idea a while back when reading some of tesla's papers on projecting DC current in a wireless fashion. Why not make a railess railgun in such a way? Since this idea I've sent my vague thoughts to a number of professors and actual scientists, but none have contacted me back and it's getting frustrating. The idea is simple. Instead of splicing AC, use wireless DC that is spliced and remove the rails entirely, thusly solving the problem of the rails degrading and resisting, plus maintenance. I wanna build such a device to launch satellites, but I understand there are other major limitations to over come. I'm certain they can be, if only because of hope, but ... alas, I lack the education to do the math on my own. I've always studied theory and concept, not math. Its a terrible shortcoming of mine I'm working to remedy. If you'd like to know more about this concept I can show basic ideas on how this could work. I fear they aren't nearly complete enough, but I'll do what I can with what I have and keep learning till something comes up. Thanks for your time ladies and gentlemen.
  2. Ohhh.. Free knowledge? Now that's an idea I like. Thanks. I'll write back to you after I finish reading it.
  3. Hello ... My name is Cillian and I'm a science addict. Well, really a thinking addict, can't stop and don't have the desire to. I'm making up for lost time due to struggling through late onset bi polar and am in the process of some self education before I start taking more serious strides to get into a school of technology. Hopefully somewhere like MIT. I love physics (all of it), Psychology (evolutionary usually, but a deal more pertaining to psychiatry such as existential, flooding, Neurofeedback (eeg)), Philosophy (Existentialism, Nihilism, Buddhism (as a philosophy), Bushido, Shinto (yes, I do view this more as a philosophy than a religion), and so on and so forth). I enjoy learning about just anything that is in the sciences, discussing politics (though I have little love for them), and I relish a talk on history and/or literature. I also enjoy the dirty pleasure of talking a little about quantum computing and true AI, but its a dirty pleasure cause I really don't know enough about it to do more than ask questions. I also enjoy strategy, and to a lesser degree, tactics. Most of my views on life have been borrowed or stolen from snipers, generals, and mad scientists (but, the good kind).
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