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  1. That is not a definition of it. Like I said, your brain is stuck.
  2. "It depends on context."
  3. In the sense that all information we acquire is something that we are. We expend some part of "ourselves" (in thermodynamic terms) in order to acquire. Evolution follows this sense of accumulation, and "improvement" or "direction", i.e. purpose. Life and evolution are purposeful, then. Hey, some f**kwit keeps posting garbage.. Maybe there's more than one of them? But if that's all he has in that thing he thinks is a brain, maybe I should be feeling sorry for him.
  4. I certainly hope so, he's starting to piss me off, just a little. So how come no-one who claims to know, can actually say anything meaningful about entropy? Except for non sequiturs like" Entropy isn't change"?? What a bunch of idiots... But at least you're all "Generally quite harmless"
  5. Like I said, and I'm right (coz I know) I reckon so.
  6. Hey, this is my bridge - go find your own, you goddam goblin.You have absolutely no idea what entropy is do you? You can't post anything that suggests you have the slightest notion, so resort to graffitos. I'd say you don't know much of anything else. You're just a monkey looking for nits to pick out and chew on. A goddam jabbering little monkey.
  7. Have you got something stuck? Please, do lay this down; let's see if it gets up again.
  8. What's a scientist? No-one who disagrees with entropy = change can claim to be one' date=' can they? They might be people who understand enough to hold some job down, but someone who says it's [b']wrong [/b]to say "Entropy and change are the same" can't be very educated about what entropy is. IMO. But then I'm not a scientist like you guys. Now tell me I'm all wrong, go on. I present everything I've posted in this and other threads on the topic, only. And any 'discussions' with you 'scientists' about it, which never seem to come to any conclusion. What do you think this refers to? What does dispersal without change suggest? Really?
  9. NO, YOU IDIOT. His son's on the keyboard, you ning. You know, that Jesus dude (I call him J -coz he hands lots of them around). It would help if you could learn to spell. Do you want some help?
  10. Good for the bird. I can hear a bird right now. Since we're totally OT: It's a tui. It's 4:15 am and this bird is calling away sort of plaintively (but this is my imagination, I don't think tuis get plaintive); here smack in the middle of suburbia there's a native bird on a pohutukawa tree, singing the same kind of thing that they would have centuries ago, when all this city wasn't here. Now that's plaintive. Mezzopiano, maybe.
  11. Good one. So you think Claude Shannon, John von Neumann, Turing & co., are wrong in saying you can measure entropy based on uncertainty? Here's my take (from the usual source): Intuitively, the combined system contains H(X,Y) bits of information: we need H(X,Y) bits of information to reconstruct its exact state. If we learn the value of X, we have gained H(X) bits of information, and the system has H(Y | X) bits remaining of uncertainty. H(Y | X) = 0 if and only if the value of Y is completely determined by the value of X. Conversely, H(Y | X) = H(Y) if and only if Y and X are independent random variables. In quantum information theory, the conditional entropy is generalized to the conditional quantum entropy. The conditional quantum entropy is an entropy measure used in quantum information theory. It is a generalization of the conditional entropy of classical information theory. The conditional entropy is written S(ρ | σ), or H(ρ | σ), depending on the notation being used for the von Neumann entropy. John von Neumann provided in this work a theory of measurement, where the usual notion of wave collapse is described as an irreversible process (the so called von Neumann or projective measurement). Unlike the classical conditional entropy, the conditional quantum entropy can be negative." --wikipedia.org i.e. Thermodynamics does not apply (except in an equivalent -but inverse- sense) Comments? Has where? What does a photon do with this energy it carries around? What happens to a photon when an electron absorbs it? Where does it go? The same place it goes when it turns into excitons in that optical fibre. It "vanishes". P.S. If there are some who are unable to see what this thread is on about; that it doesn't seem to present a coherent discussion, I suggest the following meditation: Why do you want it to "mean something" to you? If it isn't transparent, post a question, fer chrissakes. Don't just assume that YOU know anything about what I'm saying. At all. P.P.S. I can be rude and insulting too. But this is pointless, surely. Now children, really
  12. Fred56

    Think Tanks

    I didn't feel like putting a moniker on everything I changed. So I put these things "()" around it instead. I left it up to the reader to decide. Does anyone have any idea who this Janis is?
  13. My room's got the one I practise on, and there's this sort of 'corner of my eye' one, with this dude all in black; I keep trying to tell him I can't hear a thing he's playing (the ones in my east and west naves are too loud). The bishop told me to just ignore the guy, so it's cool. Jimi, Claude, and Sergei should be back with Ron later --later Ron. (we're working on this Pavane thing...)
  14. It isn't not a blog too. Why don't you blog off, and go blog someone else?
  15. Fred56

    Think Tanks

    I have absolutely 0 idea what you are on about, you know. If editing someone's post, to make an analysis of it in my own light is such a big problem (for you at least), what do you think I , or you , or anyone else, should do about "your" problem? Don't think I'm expectantly awaiting your response, either. I'd rather you just thought about it, frankly. "3. Belief in inherent morality – Members believe in the rightness of their cause." But this doesn't happen here at SFN. Thank goodness. Can you please stop splattering the blackboard with baked-bean bombs? Thankyou
  16. Fred56

    Think Tanks

    Originally Posted by Fred56 I had another look at the post this was in; so it all starts with a bit of dangerous thinking, or radicalspeak? (brainburping/visionary 'thinking') (BeliefSystem B) (establishment of BeliefSys B) (incorrect filtering or processing -wrong algorithms; B is incorrect function set linguistic/semantic toolkit) (feedback and control mechanisms: to enhance a 'signal') (doctrine: formalisation of B) (delusional belief: B doesn't map' date=' except if B is 'upheld' - maintained by delusional cycles of inference) (maintenance/control of dogma & doctrinal discursion -co-option of 'agents'; isolation of the 'source') /me
  17. Quite - which is it? Is this "model" -a thing that is energy, i.e. E = hv; or is it a bag, or 'container' that carries it around? A shopping bag for the energy-fairies? 'Scuse the humour, it just kind of comes out all by itself. An energy fairy with a little bag (to carry a photon's energy around)...('chuckle', come off it) i.e. the energy is stored as sound excitations Aren't you going to tell us? P.S. What does the following have to do with this >> Can you see a connection (I can) +++++++++++++++<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> Now for a bit of sailing Channels are everywhere. The idea of a channel is a fairly simple one. There are channels everywhere. The English Channel is a body of water that flows, also a geological (and submarine) feature, a gap, or separation between bodies of land. So, a river: a static channel, through which something flows -water. Water can be said to be the 'information', the English Channel commutes between the North Atlantic, and the Irish sea and Atlantic. This body of water will carry, or commute, any object caught up in its flow: that is: anything that floats, or doesn't sink to the seafloor. So, the English channel's geology (it's structure) is a commuter -of water and anything that the water carries. The water will modulate and translocate or displace any 'message': a sealed, empty bottle, a boat, a log of wood, a Nike trainer, anything with air in it. It's transitive and commutative. Also, as a natural gap between two bodies of land, there's significant human traffic across this same body of water. Trade, people and vehicle movement, all travel or use this natural barrier, as a channel. There's even a fixed 'route' (or channel): a tunnel; for this commutation (of people and goods) that avoids the natural liquid one.
  18. So, the organ, as it were, isn't running on steam?
  19. --physicsforums.comAlso it's both a wave and particle; and neither. That's 4.
  20. Towards a "lexicon of neural biochemistry". And an adjunct "offering" --Ru-Rong Ji1, Tatsuro Kohno1, Kimberly A. Moore2 and Clifford J. Woolf1 1Neural Plasticity Research Group, Department of Anesthesia and Critical Care, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA 02129, USA 2Department of Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology, University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94143, USA --Raphael Lamprecht, Claudia R. Farb and Joseph E. LeDoux Neuron 14 November 2002, Pages 727-738 --?
  21. "Entropy serves as a measure of the number of quantum states accessible to a macroscopyic system at a given energy." No mention of change there. If entropy is change' date=' why does it say "entropy change" at the beginning of the earlier statement?[/quote'] Your 'methods' OK to keep thumping this one around?
  22. That seems a rather general observation. "tradesman methods knowing tools is prepared most suitable to choose" What about them ones?
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