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  1. "SHUT UP" - You dare to call yourself a true scientist? If : L = 2r ,then we are truely in trouble. 8D contracdicts this matter , and 12D allows it to see further.
  2. I want you to tell me about the eighth dimension, then see embarasement.
  3. You gave me the reply i wanted, i broke down the 'elitist' attitude you all had toward me before. Kind Regards
  4. 8D = 8 x 2D 3D = 1D The odd and even Balance...
  5. OK this is pretty big: 362 + 3 = rotation of Earth Odd balancing Even <> 1745 : The second boer war 1945 : The second world war 2 4 6 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 .... 1 3 5 10! Math is physics. Psycology is man thinking of science, while using his math calculator via personal problematic RESOLUTION. - Reflecting human natures balance of wars and time. 362 + 3 = odd even even odd... 365 days in time, the relapse of Year
  6. You speak of a relapse in time and red shift. Brilliant! I am inspired, i thank you for this metaphoric theory. So what have i got to say in reply? If the earth is say - a 'cell' and the sun a 'parasite' of space matter... Now we have a comparason to your box theory.
  7. I shall further my studies, thank you for the criticism. Dan J Farnan
  8. I'm not here to debate, only contribute to theories you are over complicating. Stop looking for answers so deeply, your attack on my words back this up. Were all scientists - Psycology and science are hand in hand no matter how many nights you spend in a locked room thinking. Kindest Regards, Dan J Farnan. "Before discussing black holes in detail we should acknowledge that the existence of such objects has still not been definitely established. There are undoubtedly bodies in the universe whose densities and gravitational intensities are extremely great, but the empirical evidence for actual black holes, although impressive, is still largely circumstantial and could conceivably have other explanations. So, we shouldn’t be too dogmatic about the actual physical limits of gravitation. What we describe in this section are the predictions of general relativity, the details of which have not (as yet) been fully corroborated by direct observations. " Translation : Before i use large words and get very complicated for my own status and gain ill share some larger words only i feel you, the Queens English know of. Ok, it's quite clear there are gravity bodies that are large and small, basic stuff wee man. "It's largely circumstantial" - Another given, jesus is this man in primary school? "We shouldn't be dogmatic" - Advice, follow my lead, thus limits probing thought. "predictions of general relativity" - A paradox, you can NOT predict the relative. Fool. "the details of which have not (as yet) been fully corroborated by direct observations. " - I don't know about it can YOU tell me something? Human nature down to a tee spelt with the English dictionary. Seeking dramatic language, only opens a man to reading. Kind Regards, Dan J Farnan. *waits for inevitable angry backlash* "Location: At the apex of a particular light-cone" - Why use such elitist language to avoid confronting man kind? The apex of a light cone is clear to a baby when it wakes on day one. ... Wake up friend, And i'm not a preacher, are you? possibly "Furthermore, we should acknowledge that, even within the context of general relativity, the formal definition of a black hole may be impossible to satisfy. This is because, as discussed previously, a black hole is strictly defined as a region of spacetime that is not in the causal past of any point in the infinite future. " - Translation to HUMAN language: Ill say more stuff and LISTEN to my powerful thoughts that riddle you with confusion. Thus a black hole, ummm i dunno. "Having said this, there is nothing to prevent us from considering an infinite open universe containing full-fledged black holes in all their transfinite glory. I use the word “transfinite” because ideal black holes involve singular boundaries at which the usual Schwarzschild coordinates for the external field of a gravitating body go to infinity - and back - as discussed in the previous section. There are actually two distinct kinds of "spacetime singularities" involved in an ideal black hole, one of which occurs at the center, r = 0" Put simply : For real people, not elitists, There could be more stuff i dunno... umm can you add to this? heres an equation for good measure. r = 0, small cakes my friend, want a slice of understanding? live your life then come back to me. I smile at you, and do not frown. Of course they involve singular boundaries, with the collapse of light and the energy becoming obsolete. Jesus. Speak clearly. - Nothing is glorious about singularity, choose your words carefully. The choices you make reflect who you are while describing theories you have no beginning to understand. If the ultimate spital speed is 0 then you have have more questions to ask but what can we make of 0>
  9. I can only apologise, thought requires agreement and democracy.
  10. The lebel of 'singularity' is fair, no real conflicts there... Who is to say that does not happen? worm hole theory is much more possible, the collaplse of a star. Thus allowing the broken energy of a universe, '< Unv'. Now we see further. Dan J Farnan.
  11. Dear Sir, Find in your questions the fact that daily thought, 12 hours a day aquires huge stress., on my frontal lobes of the brain. This does not require alcoholic substance. Even though solace can be found here. I wake with thoughts and sleep with them also: Purely based on theory. Religion has no basis here. Thank you, Dan J Farnan
  12. "Spin factor’ : spf + ‘Egg movement’:Eg (of planets around the emitting sun) : Eg = Spf + Eg Our matter versus the Sun’s energy. Projection, we retract into out own heated matter (the core of the earth) thus spinning" farnan-d@ulster.ac.uk - Dan J Farnan. the last comment before mine is fair but solves nothing.
  13. Space matter consists of many gases which find themselves inside a sun - the 'concentrated' place, if you will. Take a look at a storm cloud, we have a comparason. Although suns implode due to much much energy having being contained in SOME CASES. it depeneds of the planets depenancy and the gases surrounding it. This could not be more clear to those who see the stars from the ground. Thank you, Dan J Farnan
  14. You have just hit the nail on the head. Helium is lighter than oxegen, this outside of our O-zone this does not count. Space matter is differerent. Helium CAN be heated by the sun in the zero-gravity area. Thus having its own space matter purpose. Thank you, Dan J Farnan.
  15. If you could provide a defence in this. I would be more than happy to listen, listener. Follow up your statements 'BenTheMan'.
  16. string theory is not this - this is a simplification of true space matter: Heated 'Space matter' attracts - think about 'Osmosis' - high attraction... now were speaking basics. OK, so the sun heats this, clearly - the molecules in space beyond human sight (we see light folks). now we have the laws of attraction and rotation of the 'eG' - egg shaped rotation down to a perfect understanding. Thus beginning to see the galaxies workings, how everything works, string theory is to simplify everything. Light is energy, these energies affect the surrounding space matter and attract higher definition. Take a look at Earth, it is so attracted to it's core, it finds solace in spinning against the suns attraction.
  17. I understand this fear once again. Accusing me of being high: a direct assault on my very thoughts. I have no forward approach, i am here to observe as much as you are. At the very moment i am listening to classical music while painting a picture in theory. You mistake my emotional context for foolishness and disrespect for science. Thanks, Dan J Farnan. EDIT : You have judged me on the suggestive thought on the word 'party' and i... do not drink more than any other realist/scientist.
  18. I see your reaction is a form of finely tuned 'transference' - the obvious defence of personal theory. I found these things not in a classroom, that only awakens a man to opening books. Thus recluse, to an extent. I had 'mobilis mobile' - Free in a free world, to discover this. And that, friend is real science. Dan J Farnan. DESIGNER AND WRITER. Ask yourself why my theories aquire so much offence. Your finding of defence to an extreme of recommendation, too much? are they so insecure, i am certain of this. I have certain belief in science. I would like you to apply my theory on humans as emitting: in person tomorrow. Behind a man you see as a non-thinker. With total confidence in it, then conclude.
  19. String theory is flawed, in this aspect. There is so much more completity to space matter with every sperate measure of energy in this Universe. Look at each sun as a parasite - thus consuming energy. The path is much shorter before Earth may greet a 'black hole'.
  20. DanJFarnan


    TIME: a measure of light, the phsyical, and our biological state. We as humans have cell decomposure from birth due to time - growth before. What i am about to suggest is practical and true: Time is very real, we measure it by distance 'realitivity' a star to a star. The very fabrics of the Galaxy. Thus the universe, and other many others. These 'other' Universes are in seperate time scales, due to their distance in 'the fabric of space' - BY THE LAW OF LIGHT: Light > Spectrum > Distance: TIME. Thank you for reading Dan J Farnan. Farnan-D@Ulster.ac.uk
  21. Time has one direction - the basis of reaction. What you speak of has no more basis than alternate time scales. For example, take a look at our time scale, measuring light versus the specrum; thus delivering distance. This can never be compared to alerternative time scales. We are a solid dimension. See sence in measuring light, and... at the moment our version of understanding the physical matter. Dan J Farnan
  22. Dear Friends, We now have my theories, i am a man who knows this Earth, indeed this galaxy: ‘P’ – Person, ‘mf.B’ – male/female , ‘Rcn’ – Reaction: at a Bus stop. Now I have the basics I’ll go further, HUMANS AS PROJECTORS AS WELL AS EMITING ENERGY/ELCTRICITY/whatever.; If the said Person stares into the back of the others head, in close range (around 2 meters) his/her presence is detected. Think about it. Human contact is only a simple part of this theory. Person projecting energy, presence, toward the back of another, male/female at a bus stop uninterested grows curious, possibly scratches the back of their head. Then turns around… Just try it, it’s not the working of god, just our emitting surroundings. If we can take in electricity so well, we can damn well give it out: P > < mf.B = Rcn I CAN BACK IT UP HERE: This theory is protected and any vain use shall face concequence. The Key to the Galaxy – Understanding light and the physical. Sun ‘B.sn’ , Mercury ‘m’ , Earth ‘E>’ - The ideal retracting , Mars ‘Mr’ , Jupiter ‘ Jr’ , Saturn ‘sO’ , Uranus ‘B’ , Neptune ‘Nue’ , Pluto ‘oh<<’ ‘Spin factor’ : spf + ‘Egg movement’:Eg (of planets around the emitting sun) : Eg = Spf + Eg Our matter versus the Sun’s energy. Projection, we retract into out own heated matter (the core of the earth) thus spinning, and the production of our wonderful seasons- Ill go further into this after the party tonight. Thank you for reading friends, Any further thoughts are welcome at: Farnan-D@Ulster.ac.uk This planet moves in an ‘egg shape’ around the ‘sun’ Thus projecting light toward the planets. The egg movement Equals projection of light. Thus heated space matter. It consists of energy versus distance; E > <d> - thus spin. Keeping in mind the rotation of the earth ‘spin factor’, taking a look at Saturn is area I shall touch on.
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