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  1. So when i go back to School next week you'll do my homework if i pay you I don't think i'll need much help though seriously, but if i do, I'll be sure to ask for help here =]
  2. Well being in scotland i got mine the other day, Exept it was Standard grades, which i think is the equivilent to GCSE's, Got 7 credits and french... but fdrench doesn't count ^^
  3. It likely would clean it fine but there would be a nasty smell to it. Could you add some sort of perfume to the urine to make it better perhaps?
  4. What do you mean same weight but different mass? As said before, mass and weight are proportional to each other therefore would be the same..
  5. Yeah, i'd say that sort of thing is the best idea! If you could use electro magnets you could put a pulse through it to propell it surely?
  6. Hi, i found this forum while browsing earlier and decided to sign up. I'm only 15 and i am currently starting my higher course at high school! I've always been interested in science and i figured if i wanted to learn new thing the best way would to be hearing it from other people.
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