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  1. W/o a complete patient history it's difficult to ascertain what exactly is going on. However, AMIs and angina pectoris are relatively limited to the geriatric/bariatric crowd and aren't responsible for all cases of chest pain. Chronic high BP could cause stenosis which might explain her acute chest pain and paresthesia. Excessively high levels of epinephrine from SNS stimulation due to panic attacks or undue stress could result in the development of arrhythmias and paresthesias that could come and go somewhat spontaneously, which could explain why initial ECG was clear...
  2. Hey everyone, My name is Loren, I'm a pre-med student with an affinity for all the sciences and I'm currently looking to specialize in neurology!
  3. My bio-181 teacher was a fertility specialist working at fertility clinic and some of his colleagues' research found that saliva itself was quite a potent spermicide and as such couples trying to conceive should avoid using it as a lubricant. So while I'm not positive on the effect menthol has on spermatozoa, when combined with saliva - as would be the case with a throat lozenge - couldn't be beneficial for any spermatozoa it came in contact with.
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