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  1. The pellet culture system is a common model for chondrocytes differentiation from stem cells.
  2. this is azadeh .I am a Ph.D. student of anatomical sciences .I work on stem cell differentiation to chondrocytes.
  3. I work on differentiation of stem cells to chondrocytes. I used pellet culture system for that. now I want to do gag assay. but I do not know how to digest this pellet and then use papain digestion solution. and I have a another question about which concentrate of papain in suitable for gag assay. thanks . Azadeh
  4. I want to do IHC for collagen type II in cartilage tissue. But until now I couldnot find the approprate protocol for paraffin sectined slides ,antigen retrieval. Please help me to know about it. Regards azadeh
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