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  1. This is Our world and this is may be one of your good friend !!

  2. I was born in Nepal but I'm human and I love whole world....my identity is not limited only as Nepali it goes up to high to make me as I'm one of the fine character of this great Home( universe )

  3. 'M Man the greatest gift(as I trust we all people are so) from nature !

    ....I'm trying to understand the nature, its behavior, how really the nature is greatest thing that over the thing we ever imagined...

  4. I'm slowly learning and trying to understand the physics which is in reality or which is born to study about the nature.......

    I love computer subject which help me to understand 'how great the human mind'.......so I'm reading computer engineering but in reality I'm fond of physics ....... :)

  5. I LOVE SCIENCE !! And the greatest mind (I got inspired )over the world that are (Newton, Einstein, Dirac,Feynman, Heisenberg, Stephen Hawking, Laxmi Prasad Devkota, ).........

    [i love cricket, reading science and all other interesting subject]

  6. [i'm immensely want to know about the realty about death]

    [i want to earn lots of money to give others only as Investment]

    [i want to be great ! ]

    [love good one]

    [i'm spiritual not religious hate all kind of religion!! ]

  7. [i want to be unique and want to try to built my own philosophy]

    [i hate all bads and love all goods even those goods that are in bad]

    [i'm not fan on anybody I love and respect talented one creative one and don't like and don't support their any kinda wrong!! ]

    this is me!! :D: D

  8. Hey guys!, I'm new in this "Forum" help me to learn it :).....and specially thanks to the developer of this Imp. forum..this is really important to me !!!!

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