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  1. Anyone got any, or links to some? Just kind of something I want to do for fun, and perhaps throw a few youtube videos up of the experiment and its results. I'm a college student, so I'd appreciate if cost of the materials for the experiment were under $50usd or at least reasonably close to it Not looking for anything in particular, just looking for a few ideas. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Whoops, mis-stated him a bit there, he did say the Ontario part, but he actually said it would be in Siberia within the next 20 years. Ewmon, I'm not sure just some speculation I was making Thanks for the help guys!
  3. I was told today by my physics professor that the Earth undergoes magnetic pole reversals, some of the evidence being molten rocks with magnetic properties on earth orientating themselves towards a different north pole which points towards the north pole being different in the past. He said that the current north pole is actually somewhere in Ontario Canada and within the next year will be somewhere in Siberia. While this is happening of course the south pole is moving up. I was told that this can happen without serious consequence as far as we know. Is that true? What would happen if they became completely reversed and north became south and vice versa? Would our magnetic field and protection from the sun be temporarily suspended or anything else?
  4. Hello all, I'm attempting to decide what to major in out of my geology, environmental science, and physics & astronmy departments at my university. At the moment I'm thinking to double major but I'm unsure what combination would be the most beneficial for my future employment opportunities. I would like to study planetary compositions, atmospheres, and geological processes. I'm also interested in things such as stellar evolution and a general understanding of the universe which obviously leans towards the astronomy & physics department side. I'm thinking geology may be beneficial either way and that I need to make a decision on which of the other two I would be better of with to combine with it. Thanks for your thought's and opinions in advance.
  5. It's currently one of the images that cycles as my desktop background now lol. There was a theoretical model on how that colony specifically would function though I believe, such as how gravity would be artificially implemented. If you or anyone else looking over this has that article and could link me to it, it would be much appreciated
  6. I suppose what I'm asking here is will there ever be preventive measures put in place to present a catastrophic event caused by asteroid impact such as what happened to the dinosaurs? Never mind that, to my knowledge, there isn't even any serious research being done on ways to re-plot the course of an asteroid away from Earth or destroy it, is there? How long will humanity cross there fingers and hope that such a thing doesn't happen without actually doing anything to prepare for if it does happen? I guess I should also ask, do any of you think its even worth it to put funding into research for this at this point? Our detection methods for detecting these things aren't necessarily flawless either. Nothing the size of a city is going to sneak by us, but a 50-200ft wide object that could decimate a large part of a city could technically sneak by undetected could it not? Also, could someone explain to me, if there is, what theoretical methods there currently are to preventing a large asteroid impact? Whether it be re-plotting course, or destruction, I'd be very interested. Thanks everyone!
  7. Well..you're asking why and then saying funding aside. I would assuming the funding part is the "why". As far as I can see, it is the only why. If we had an infinite amount of money to fund such a thing, I don't see why we wouldn't do it. Screw the ISS, if we had unlimited funding we'd have a space colony like this by now: Take as long as you need for the awesomeness of that to sink in.
  8. Ok, that's fine, my apologies for assuming. Hope my answer was of some help.
  9. I know I'm not one of authority here on the forums, considering this is my first post but I would have to say no. I really hope this guy isn't trolling, but a part of me thinks he is.. But the most obvious answer why is that you're assuming mother nature is conscious of the size of our planet, and it's current population density. Obviously mother nature has no way of knowing the population density, so the conclusion that anything would be done to reduce population by mother nature would be false on its premises. For what reason would there be a mechanism for population reduction? Someone may have another opinion though?
  10. Hello everyone, my name is Jeremiah also currently attending University. I'm a pre-major at the moment, but plan to declare as a physics-astronomy major in the fall! I love astronomy, and hope to be involved in planetary science research after graduating. Oh and I love Neil Degrasse Tyson! Look forward to meeting you all!
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