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  1. Come on guys ....doesn't every cell reproductive bloke want to be hung like a horse ?????
  2. You must be right.... Seven years ago , I was a woman . Now Im a man. In the next seven years I hope to be a horse. or at least hung like one . IM sure there must be a genetic formula for that somewhere. DH Just joking all. In my studies we came to the conclusion that every cell in the body is replaced. The standard time frame is between five and seven years depending on genetically inherited metabolic rate. One of my students said something to me one day that was most poignant. quote "Isn't it just a copy of a copy of a copy ?" True. But as far as the integument is concerned. The copies replicate through the already confused DNA replication. A great thread this is . Hope you can appreciate a little irreverant humour on my previous post. DH
  3. what about Y = x 2 not really a recipie for sexual dysfuntion...what about 3yx minus x sqARED.... THINK ABOUT IT...PLUS DV dx minus 6 differentiate that to the point of inflexion and you will find the answer to sexual dysfunction.....easy ... or go to a simple recipe Y equals U t plus half A T squared..... think about it my intelligent people. Looking forward to you reply .. or should i say ... inflexions D
  4. You guys cant be serious..... at 49 years of age, my eyebrows grow at 40mm per minute.. If i neglect them for too long i get the feeling that Im standing behind a waterfall looking out. DH
  5. Man always tries to equate, reduce , things to a level which is in the realm of his anthropomorphic self.. That is,,,,,, We just dont know. however, if scientific data is reliable, and Im sure we all know it is, then , the question of Creation , VS Evolution is in a sense, answered. If you subscribe to the Big Bang and the recurrence of inward and outward movements of the universe until a crisis or return in intertia occurs , then , creation makes sense. I think the Creationists did not have any idea,,so they equated it back to a time frame that the common man could understand. (remember also that few people in those days could read, and the religous heirarchy maintained its power from that simple packet of control). It is ridiculous to consider either as an absolute. And it is also ridiculous to consider one without the other. One of my lecturers , years and years ago, when I found a muscle (while dissecting a cadaver) called plantaris. This muscle is only present in quadripeds. Some humans have it. The teacher said to me ,, "it is god and his amazing work called evolution" My mind was at rest and has been for 30 years based on that commment. Forrest GUMP had it all sewn up ........ " You Know Bubba ,. I think it is both , happening at the same time " DH
  6. I love talking about things that I dont understand....It just might open the door for someone who "does" understand them...to share some of their brain with me. And the previous post......Women?? I dont understand them either ...I did however buy a book called "Everything men know about Women". It was very helpful 988 blank pages.. DH
  7. head

    Cool Facts

    How can you tell when sour Cream has gone off??
  8. I agree with you ..however , as mentioned before, the non expression of anger leads to depression.. Ive always considered depression to be "anger without the enthusiasm" I also agree with , practise makes perfect. IE not feeding the anger tiger... eventually it will die or become non responsive.. Is not anger simply a primitive mechanism whereby the body reacts , due to lack of control of external circumstances , induced by others or events ??? DH
  9. Angiotensin coverting enzyme is one that is isolated and used in the reduction of high blood pressure (hypertension) . Drugs called ACE inhibitors. Im at a loss as to what is the purpose of this enzyme in the lung , Can anyone shed some light on this confusing matter DH
  10. head

    Photon existence

    I agree, Im sorry to say ... DH
  11. Im the same.... Coffee for breakfast, then work till 4 or 5 at the practice. I never eat during the day , yet there is no agitiation from the caffeine. I looked it up once and the mechanism as usual for appetite supression is "poorly understood' DH
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