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  1. I could have phrased that a lot better.But overall its the best system we have that I know even if it not perfect.
  2. So the general information is saying yes but it would be immensely hard to achieve.
  3. I would say that the humanoid shape is a optimal shape on earth but not necessarily on other planets but if they would evolve a humanoid shape I like to believe that many games and science fiction are within the range on what a humanoid alien might look like. Well maybe not the Asari who are at the very general level humans with blue skin.
  4. I was recently playing star craft and it got me thinking would a life form like the Zerg be possible to replicate today or soon? For those that dont know the Zerg are able to mutate their bodies to what the need by will or by absorbing DNA from other creatures, they do this in the matter of minutes without the need for offspring. for example the may mutate their exoskeleton to be resistant to heat so they could life in volcanic environments or rapidly heal wounds on their body. I would say that from what I know that is seems plausible for such a creature to exist but perhaps not with abilities to the extent you see in the game. But for the creature being able to be made in a lab I don't have a clue about it. Whats your thought? possible or complete nonsense? or indecisive.
  5. I would say daily life robots will be worn by us in the form of self regulated pacemakers and equipment of the like. But do I believe that we will have robots running around shopping and other menial tasks? no its to much work for little gain, when you look just how much work is needed just to make a robot walk by itself its easy to become skeptic. That is just my basic take on it.
  6. Sorry for not clarifying, this is a end project to be able to show to universities and companies what you are able to do, basically. and yes the project needs something built that can range from strands of data in the form of an app like thing or a physical object. Hope this clarification helps. I think that the school can pay a sum if you have a great idea.
  7. Hello, I am not sure if this is where this topic should be and if that's the case I am sorry. I am currently building a project or rather have ideas to build a project but I dont know what to make. I wont lie it is for school but we are suppose to seek help from anywhere we wish and be as independent from the school itself as possible. Since i am going the technology course it has to be techy with a report and I have the entire school year to build and I pay for the supplies myself. but the project itself I choose what I want as long as it stays relevant to the subject of technology and engineering. I ask you to help me give ideas what I might be able to build as I am not that great at ideas and eventual experience you have would be greatly appreciated. My own ideas is in short a google glass copy, a wearable computer(arm wrist) as you can see neighter is what I would call complete ideas or all that great. I am happy for any ideas you might have it dosent need to re invent the wheel I just ask for advice and experience if you will. I apologize in advance for any misspelling I might have. -Zant
  8. Wow that is really interesting I especially like Broglie that would work perfect for my report thank you so much.
  9. I am writing a report on Einsteins theory of relativity and I am stuck. I need to name a few things that came out of the theory for the everyday man and science today. I so far have GPS satellites(the recalculate for the time difference made from the gravity) New energies that work like the sun(fusion) is maybe plausible in the future.(the calculations is based on Relativity theory) But I wonder if you can help me at all I still need maybe 3-4 more but my teacher cant really find any so we agreed to ask here. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. Well I think you should give yourself some years to build a stable life, explore the world a bit, get a job and then you could get married if you want that. Personally I don't really see the point of marriage but I could still get married nothing against that. Since you just use lots of money that could be used doing something to do with the one you love. And getting married just alone (little money) is fine. But going back to the age I would say 26-28. That would be enough time to be fully educated in most educations and time to travel a bit.
  11. Minecraft world at 10^7,7 nice touch
  12. In UK I wouldn't know but the university of lund in Sweden has a really good one if you want to study abroad.
  13. I always keep my books it is as everyone above me says really great in order to find fact about something you might have forgot.
  14. Zant

    nano robots curing us

    Yes that is the one. But from what I heard it had developed enogh to destroy cancer cells in pigs and mice :/. Still I am waiting whit great anticipation.
  15. I heard that in america(I think it was) that they have developed nano robots that crush cancer cells and that they have tested it on pigs and mice with great results and belive they can cure different diseases. This would be revulsion in medical science and biology but my question is if you know any risk factor with this ( I cant really think of any) and discussion topic is would you accept to have them in your body curing you from diffrent diseases??. Also dose anyone have a link were they explain more in detail about this? I for one would gladly take them to keep heathy Note"I put this under Biology but it could be under engineering instead im sorry if I misplaced it"
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