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  1. No oen cares cos USA and nato busy killing Muslims and imposing kuffur on the Muslims. So Sudan will ahve to wait a little while. Dont worry about Civilians. USA will use the iraqi and Afghani Model of killing whole villages if they cant kill the taliban and throwing chemical weaopons (white phopsherous ) on the Muslim on north like in falujja General Clark said Sudans on the USA hit list, But they didnt expect a wiping such resistance in afghanistan and iraq.
  2. You cannot go to nations and say sell us your oil for this much or we will bomb and torture you. That is terrorism. Thats what the Mafia does. If some one doe not give you their resources then taking by force, threats is terrorism. or is that different? I thinking killing so many Iraqis is not a big deal for the white nations as killing red indians was not a big deal. iraqis are fighteing against what you call freedom and not for it. It is only a few Iraqi traitors that are fighting for freedom (ie the puppets) such puppets were used by racist british empire in India and otehr countries. Even by the English in Scotland and irland. those days terrorising non white nations was covered with fancy words like speading civilasation (even though the queeen only bathed once a year) and now terrorising non white nations is covered with another nice word freedom. what word will be used in the future? Until an effective counter block against the white nations will continue to terrorise the rest of the world. hopefully we have such a block we can have some peace and harmoney in the world. USA has just taken up the war to conqure the world for the white race. I do not think that the USA public wanted that but the british have tricked the USA elite into accepting this. Maybe USA will run out of steam and the ball for terrorsing the non white world will go to the europeans again. Muslims do not hate the Americans or the europeans but they have a strong dislike for people forcing their way of life on them. When they say we hate America they forget to make it clear which americans they hate and why. I think they just assume Americans would know they do not hate all Americans and just hate bush , rusmfield, isreali lobby etc. Even Osama doesnt hate all Americans and i am sure if soem one was to ask him he would say he doesnt. Islam goverens every aspect of muslims life and no one can just come and say replace your way of life with our way of life. There are some brainwashed pupppets the brits left behind in many Muslim countries but who cares about them. I am sure the Americans would not have wanted british puppets goverening them when they were kicked out of the USA. SO why should the Muslims?
  3. Exactly geo. Also killing 50 000 somali civilian b4 911. The Somlais didnt attack USA. Did they? Backing war Lords (ie extortion mafia) in Afghanistan and now Somalai. I was watching a video by an ex American general ( i think name of wesly Clark) and he said he knew Iraq would be invaded in the 90's and the USA planted to invade 7 Muslims countries in 5 years. Iraq, iran somalia, sudan, lebanon, libyia. Actually taliban Is islamic movement and Islam prohibits opium. And the Taliban believe opium is forbidden. From some of the what the British intelligence were saying on Tv it suggested that there would be a wave of invasions of Muslim lands to force them to give up Islam. The first wave was to split them into many smaller nations . So they could be latter attacked again a few generations latter to force them to give up a certain percentage of Islam. then say another generation or few generations to attack them again
  4. Well one can not put every religion into the same basket. For instance Islam does not have a problem with scientific facts (facts not theories). There are many scientific facts mentioned in verses of the Quran and saying of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and many of these facts have only been discovered in the 20 th century or late 19th century Infact that is why Scientific learning advanced so much in the Muslim Spain
  5. What are your views on this topic? But does science and religion have to be at war?
  6. I remember before the mid 80's how british poeple would complain about Pakistani food. Saying it smelt and Asians were sleey they ate curry. Now it seems they all eating it. Similar things may be happening with religion as we have seen so many westren people converting to Islam. Especially after 911.
  7. There is a really good eipisode of goodness gracious me (british comedy) which helped many brits realise their attitudes against the Indian and pakistani's
  8. Well Yt i found your comments that pakistan should not have nukes racist. Especially since Pakistan has not gone around invading countries or using the Atom bomb. (not that i am saying you are racist. But have a look at what you said and that will help you understand How others will feel when they hear such comments) Also there are many non-Muslims who feel Bush is a mad man that doesnt mean Muslims hate Americans
  9. USA is harbouring the a genocidal fanatic mad man in the white house. What I cannot figuire out is how did he get a degree? Unless his daddy and the CIA threatened the principle.
  10. Well mate. Every nation should have nukes. Especially if they got anything worth stealing. Like oil and stuff The oil mafia is out there with nukes, white phosperous, Nutron bombs. torture Islands You better give your oil or babies will die. Or you could say hey look i got them too. So be a nice boy and go back to your ranch and chop some trees.
  11. It's army, police and goverment can be hired to kill its own people. They have an elite clas economy. The president and senators, Army officers living in beverly hill type villas and estates whilst the people are hungry. They spending many millions of rupees on Museums to were they can take foreign embassidors and the elite class whilst the chidlren beg in the street. Very diffrent form teh Times of the Khalifs AbuBakr and Umar. Abubakr's wife saved some of the money for about a month in order to make him a meat dish. When she told him how she got the money. He reduced his wages. He thought his wages are too much if his wife is able to save money to buy meat. This was his concern for his people. After he died and Umar became Khalif, He Umar, would go and walk the streets at night looking to see if any one had complaints. He found a women boiling water and pretending she was cooking food until her kids went to sleep. He asked her why she did this. She told him. Then he said why dont you go to the khalif. She said he will not be concrened about us. So he went to the treatury and brought back food and told her to go to the khalif next day. She went and say him and was shocked. On another occasion a mans wife was pregant and Umars wife went and helped deliever the baby and khalif umar cooked for every one. He was head of the mightiest empire at that time. Empire which over ran the persion empire and beat the roman empire You will not see musharf, bush or blair living so humbly, giving all their wealth (as Abr bakr did) or half their wealth (as umar did) in worthy causes. Even worse is the treachury of Pakistani army and politicians. Which is a habbit of indo-pakistan. Thats how the british enslaved the people of that region for so many years, To many sell outs there and many others to take their place Question now is who will they hand their country to USA, Britain or India. And lets not forget the nice senators and ministers (mates of Musharf) who if they take a fancy to your property, it is no longers yours. (no mentioning names of course)
  12. Well stopping drugs production in Afghanistan was bound to get the Taliban bombed. The drug Mafia is so powerful. I think they really didnt realize what would happen if the forced people to stop heroine production
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