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  1. My rule of thumb is to avoid them where possible. Once someone makes it to my "jerk" list, I basically write them off. I never stoop to their level or seek revenge; it's not worth the karma hit. Hmm, no. I think I'm mostly a good and decent person (although there are those who might disagree, natch), but I can see both the good and bad in people. Being good doesn't mean being blind. It simply means being aware that both things exist in that person. Being good might also define how you handle any given person.
  2. I just this morning installed Firefox 4.0 (I've been using FF since the beginning, basically). So far I'm not feeling the love. It's...it's...almost like it's trying to be Chrome, and I really don't care for Chrome. But it sure beats IE (just my opinion. I know lots who love it).
  3. This is basically the tenet I live by, too. I want people to feel comfortable in my home. But when entering someone's home for the first time, and it's apparent that they all remove their shoes, I'll generally ask if they'd prefer me to follow suit. I'm happy to remove my shoes; being barefoot is part of my relaxation mode.
  4. Hiya, folks! I'm a writer with serious love for all things biology, philosophy, religion, and psychology. Also, I love cookies.
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