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  1. I only know a little about synaethesia however thought I'd give you an example that perhaps you hadn't come across. My chemistry teacher has synaethesia. Her only symptom is that she sees each letter as a different colour and the colour of a word is defined by the colour of the first letter. She can also see the actual colour of letters. The condition has been with her since she was a child. I know it's a bit random to just give an example but it might give you some idea of other variations of synaethesia
  2. I'm with ya. Waitin to see what course I'm gonna have to apply for: maths, chemistry or physics. Good luck
  3. How do them things you can plug in tape players and attach a CD player actually work? I understand how a tape work. It is a magnetic strip that, I think, digitally tells the reader what to play. But how does the cd player magnetise the strip and then play it immediately. Is there simply some sort of delay? cheers. ps. sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
  4. I'm not a specialist but I would guess that space-time is the way of imagining how a complex system would affect new objects etc entering. It is the objects in the system affect the new objects while space-time is just an abstract way to visualise the affects. Therefore it cannot be damaged because it is what it is; as decided by the system your looking at.
  5. Yeah but I think he explains things quite well and i've learnt quite a bit from reading his books.
  6. They do, but it would appear they still abosorb but they emit along a specific direction.
  7. Klaynos: Right okay. So with metals the emission angle of photons is dependant on the angle of incidence but why? what happens when they're absorbed that leads to a single direction of emission? Swansont: Sorry, how does the electric field affect emitted light?
  8. Okay, a question has popped into my head and my teacher couldn't answer it. I hope it makes sense. The things I know A perfectly polished surface is one which is completely smooth. A white suface is one which emits all the light frequencies it absorbs. What I don't get What's the difference between a polished white surface and a polished silver suface eg. mirror? A mirror reflects any frequency that hits it but only at an angle of reflection whereas a polished white surface would absorb the light and emit in all directions thereby displaying white. My attempt at explaining Perhaps somehow the mirror doesn't absorb the light and then emit it. Maybe the light bounces off. A white surface absorbs it then photons randomnly come off. Your thoughts please.
  9. It's all about how the votes are distributed. Each constituency has chosen a party/mp to represent it; the people in that constiuency want to represented by that party/constuency. This, in turn, is how we choose the overall representative of our country. Now, as far as i can see, if we went purely on P.R (the total votes) then our representative party would be chosen more by the extreme voting areas of our country. Those areas which contain more voters. This could cause a problem with the rising popularity of BNP up north. If the votes not the constiuencies down south were looked at, i bet, due to the voting inertia in the south, that BNP would become much more controlling of our country. I can think of many reasons pro-P.R but i'd be interested to see what things other people come up with.
  10. Cheers. That's what I've all I've found in the end, but just a bit confused coz we've never dne it but nevermind. Yep so cheers.
  11. CHEMHERO: It's the a-level practical plan. And it says we have to find a positive test for each solution. Yes, it would make sense to do what you said but that's not what they want. JOHN CUTHBER: No, just a positive test for tertiary alcohols is all that's necessary.
  12. I dont know what that is but I'm afraid not because it must be solely chemical. No physical property analysis can be used. Any other ideas?
  13. Hi there, I need to find a positive test for a tertiary alcohol; specifically 2-methylpropan-2-ol. I am aware of oxidising alcohols with an oxidising agent to distinguish between them but this is not a positive test for tertiary alcohols. Any nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated.
  14. Stephen Hawkings writes quite a bit about black holes. Maybe look his stuff up
  15. I'd like to comment that tories don't seem to have any more policies tha labour (not that I'm decided on which is the better party but still). Really tempted, after tony's enthusiatic message, to subscibe but they just haven't got the same inspiration to include 'hip' music like the tories...
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