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  1. hi, i need some help defining pH=-log10([H+]/M), and use the relation upH=|dpH/d[H+]|u H+. i dont seem to find this in textbooks. it will be great if somebody helped out.
  2. "moral of the story... DONT MIX DRUGS. Even over the counter stuff like alcohol and asprin. Two together do what one alone cannot." - ecoli Mixing drugs may be dangerous. I once heard there was a girl who mixed some drugs while attending a party and after a couple of drinks, she felt into a coma and never woke up again (turned into a vegetable.)
  3. That was what I thought at the beginning but I wasn't provided with that information. However the mass of zinc is there.
  4. I have made calculations with other students and would like to get an "absolute sure answer". We are all not really sure about our answer as they all differ. An adult needs 12mg of zinc per day. An average oyster contains 200 ppm of zinc. How many oysters are required to fulfill the daily intake of zinc for an adult? Respond if you’re absolute sure. Thanks!
  5. Hi Shanethewolf, Since this is a science community I should say something that will do you good, but I will not go further if you refuse to listen. I also think many of the members here will think this way. • Please don’t “mess” with chemistry if you don’t know what is going on. • Do not synthesise if you don’t know what reactions are occurring • Unknown substances should not be inhaled or taken. Why? Because many common substances can do damage to the brain, respiratory system and so on... Examples: lead compounds, acid vapors, methanol, etc. “I thought I'd give it a sniff too and I did. Then all of a sudden my mate let out this massive snort!! He sounded like a dragon and it was awesome!” Not a good decision and it is not “awesome“ Please don’t do things like that again. If you want to be an amateur experimenter, practice safety first! An classic example: One classic example is Humphry Davy who died at an age of 51! He suffered from a series of strokes which ultimately killed him. This is because during his scientific work he smelted and tasted many new chemicals. In conclusion, I will be worried if I was you, for yourself and your friend.
  6. Thanks for identifying the following organism. A friend of mine suggested the types of rotifers to me so I did some further research and concluded that it’s a Philodina rotifer. More pictures and information can be seen in detail from the following link: http://www.micrographia.com/specbiol/rotife/homebdel/bdel01ph.htm Here is an anatomy of this organism.
  7. Hi , does anyone know what is this microorganism? It is a slug like organism which swims in the water and may also walk on algae It has two fan-like structures on its head which spins to catch food particles. The picture provided is at 100X under my microscope. Can't capture full body because it keeps on moving around.
  8. Indeed we are animals, the most intelligent animals on earth.
  9. I seem to be more interested at the scientist's dedication. Why will someone do such a thing? By the way, A cockroach can live for several weeks without its head...im gonna try that.
  10. Duran brand with fittings of 34/35 both cone and socket. Length slightly above 30cm. Notice the chipped parts circled in red. This chip does not interfere with its use. This extractor is new and never used before straight out of its packet. How much would you pay for it???
  11. Try doing 20 push-ups and then stand up rapidly, that will get the stars dancing.
  12. researcher88

    Rat Dissection

    As I carefully chip away the unwanted parts of a lamb’s kidney, my class mate looked at my pile and replied: “look he is mincing it Yuk!” followed with the other gang of ignorant bastards saying: “What the f*** are you doing?” I didnt reply... Soon I ended up having the best looking dissection in the class. May their bloody thoughts be doomed!
  13. Would it be safe and efficient to run a natural gas Bunsen burner with LPG?
  14. Hello. I am selling condensers. They are from AU $100-$200 I can only sell within Australia.Free packing as well! If you are interested please email me at : eternally_fantasy@hotmail.com. I will sell condensers of such type: ------------------------------------------------- Coil (Graham) Condensers ------------------------------------------------- Liebig Condensers ------------------------------------------------- Double (Davies) Condensers ------------------------------------------------- Coil Jacketed Condensers ------------------------------------------------- By typing in the names, you can find pictures on google or other search engines. The shipping price is already counted towards the condensers on the catalogue so people wont have to worry about that. But the delivery within Australia will be mentioned to the buyer. You can also come to pick it up. I live in sydney. I will provide you with a catalogue and instructions. This is to be taken seriously! Buyer and sellers details will be provided during contact. Thank you.
  15. I was thinking of using it as a condenser by fitting a flask on the center joint then the condensed product will freely come out from the upside down funnel like end. I measured the center joint as approx. size 14/23
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