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  1. please, can any one do me this favor from my last post?? thx
  2. thanks Aeternus... however, I really want to ask this question at: forum.java.sun.com but, that site seems to have a little problem (for me) to log in... would you or any one of you click on the login hyperlink on the left of that forum and check is there the same problem that occurs on mine as well? the problem is that it says "request time out" plz help thanks alot
  3. Even with IE, you can resize the windows to different size to fit them all shown on the screen if you want... Honestly, I dont think your browser is very promising. I mean, can you name any appealing function it has along side the browsers like IE or FireFox has?
  4. I am just trying to see if I am able to make a download manager along with practicing my programming skill,, ok below are the questions: 1) can you control how much bandwidth your program is uploading/downloading a file? what is the related class for this in API? 2) can the program know how big is the file during a download? what is the related class in API? 3) can the program monitor how much bandwidth is a downloading/uploading transaction? what is the related class in API? 4) how is bandwidth related to java's definition of data stream??? thanks alot for helping me... cheers
  5. Well, I have done this with acid/alkali solutions. If you are testing acid's concentration, you have to use alkali with known molarity. Now after the titration is complete, you record the volume of the alkali used. From that information, you will know how many moles of H+ ions represented in the acid, and therefore you can calculate the acid's M.
  6. but why when breaking the bond, the movement stays constant?? how can you explain this during the melting of ice?? you say the energy is used to break the bond...but how does that explain the movement is constant??
  7. oh.. this strikes my understanding again.... if the more strained the molecules get, shouldn't the movement decrease?? Maybe an animation will illustrate it better??
  8. fortunately it's a fake... but I wonder what's the goal of such fraud.
  9. I think I get it,, below is my explantation.. During evaporation, the molecules have reached a magnitude of kinetic energy enough to break their intermolecular bonds... the kinetic energy is increasing, but the movement remains constant... it is pulling two molecules apart, and the longer the two molecules apart is, before breaking such bond, the more potential energy.. Ok.. another question.. what happens to the intermolecular bonds.. when the temperature is increasing??
  10. ok... just a question, I cant find anything for that memory monitor... plz tell me its function..thx
  11. so, in atomic theory, the potential energy is the same as the potential energy of energy due to gravity??
  12. Ques 1) on the picture, under the projects tab, what is the difference between Source Packages and Test Packages? how about Libraries vs Test Libraries?? Ques 2) under the Help menu, to the right, there is a kind of memory monitor... what is that for?? (because obviously my computer physical memory is not that low) Ques 3) Above is a window when creating a new project.. what is the difference of selecting and unselecting the Set as Main Project? Ques 4) What are the Runtime tab and its sub items? plz help thx
  13. yes, but the temperature should rise as more kinetic energy...,but, the during the melt/boiling, the temperature stays the same..implying the kinetic energy remains constant... I am much focussing on the illustration of how do the molecules undergo the increase of potential energy... any help?? thx
  14. whether fake or not, how come it has been published in Times Magazine?
  15. I hope Chinese communists get rid of h#m...
  16. http://www.malepregnancy.com is the above real or a fake?? it makes me wanna puke what do you people think of this??
  17. but, doesn't breaking the intermolecular bonds involve mainly the more violent movement of molecules, hence the kinetic energy??
  18. Hi.. Is there any IDE that can build Swing/AWT user interface very easily like, for example, the MIcrosoft visual studio?? because I have only learned AWT, but not Swing, and so long I dont know enough classes in AWT to fulfil my application's requirement.... any body?? thx alot
  19. can any one from the below idea?? my teacher told me that the temperature indicates the magnitude of kinetic energy.... so if kinetic energy remains the same for molecules from luquid to gas state... what does the other energy go to? potential energy!! but how?? what is the potential?? plz help thx ps, thx for response from Xyph
  20. so, does lots of H+ imply very few OH-?
  21. how is the above step possible?? how does iron oxide bond with the water molecule??
  22. so.. -log(OH-)?? but how do you turn that into a ph scale?? secondly, ph 10 means the solution is alkali... but why is 0.0000000001M of acid is 10?? plz help
  23. wait... do oxygen gas loose electrons to when dissolved in water?? how.. ? I am not familar with the idea of a covalent bonded molecule in a liquid.... thx
  24. thanks... btw, how do you calculate pH higher than 7?? since they are for alkalis... thx
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