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    i live in Hyderabad, India (that doesn't mean i go to school on an elephant!! lol :D)
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    making and listening to music, reading, playing sports, doing animal studies :D, surfing on the net
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    well, i love animals and all kinds of life form, and am very interested in genetics and microbiology
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    i'm a nature loving freak who'd love to spend the weekend with nothing but a pair of binoculars, notebook and a tent...i also love the sound of nature (as much as i love the sound of music: i'm a musician), and i also have a great love of wolves
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    i'm still stuck in high school
  1. haha yeah right i'm lying....why on earth would i want to pose as a female if i was a male??
  2. you're quite right....especially in India, where almost half the girls have their names ending with 'a'...like me for example : "Aishwarya"
  3. @Sysco lol yeah, i meant left to right Thanks for the sites....they cleared up the matter @jdurg Thanks a lot...yeah what you say makes sense, noble gases must be having some nuclear charge, but i guess that's not as much as the rest of the elements as this is a stable element
  4. Heyy there! I have a question about the Modern Periodic Table... All noble gases, as we know, are placed in group 0, and it is also known that the atomic radii of elements decreases as we move from right to left across a period. This is due to the nuclear attraction and the electronegativity of the elements. But since noble gases dont have nuclear attraction, surely their atomic radii must be bigger than the element before it! It was also stated that the noble gases have larger radii than the rest of the elements in the period....is that true in all periods?? I had got a question asking
  5. Hey there.... How does one solve this determinant? 10 -10 0 0 -10 17 -2 -5 0 -2 7 -1 0 -5 -1 26 Since the lines arent coming straight.... Row #1: 10, -10, 0, 0 Row #2: -10, 17, -2, -5 Row #3: 0, -2, 7, -1 Row #4: 0, -5, -1, 26 How do i solve this?
  6. yeah...it does seem to fit the question....thanks a lot, all of you!!!
  7. hi...i have a question.... if R is a set of real numbers, and Q is a set of Rational numbers, then R-Q=?
  8. hmm....ok....i'll try them out...but why didn't my experiment with the grapes work out?
  9. @Airmid, i'm a high school student, and this is a 'name the following' question, so i guess it has to be an easy, one word answer..... I was compelled to think that your third 'answer' is the right one, as all plants respire anaerobically at some point, producing ethyl alcohol....but, as you said, it didn't fit the question.... but, do aquatic plants respire anaerobically? then we might have an answer...or maybe even hydroponic plants...?
  10. hi...there was this experiment in my bio text on osmosis about how when you leave raisins in water for some time they swell up and even burst, adn when you place grapes in a strong sugar solution, they shrink....well, i tried these out at home: the raisins surely blew up...but the grapes did not change at all even after a week in sugar solution!! any possible explanations about this happening? or are my chosen grapes just plain stupid...?
  11. oh ok, so does that mean that these holoparasitic plants feed off other plants and do not respire to produce their own food? Just out of interest, do you know how this works?
  12. hi....my name is Aishwarya (pronounced Ice-sh-were-yeah ) i'm different and unqiue, just like everybody else here...
  13. hi there...i was looking through some practice question sheets, when i came across the question: "Name a plant that respires anaerobically throughout it's lifetime" do any of you know any plants that always respire anaerobically? i thought about fungi, but i wasn't sure if it fell under the category of 'plants'...are there other plants that do so, and just out of sheer interest, how does this mechanism work?? thanks...
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