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  1. Im voted for politicians, those little creature are pretty sly, u gotta watch out for them....One even flung poo at me in rage. On a serious not id have to go with dolphins.
  2. I'd use the same air tank, I would not want to carry a seperate one with me. and can you please go into further detail about the longer feed neck with the mounted pnuematics, I have been thinking at one point of having it blow the ball in by having some sort of valve right above the feed neck, is that sorta where you are going with your idea?
  3. Definetly hopper style. I don't want to have to modify the gun itself, but rather engineer a hopper that works efficiently.
  4. I remember hearing how blacks pgiment had something to do with their body adapting to the sunlight, and the whole theory that wearing black is actually better for you. I remember reading somewhere it had something to do with black body radiation, if anyone could fill me in, I'd really like some clarification.
  5. Hey, I am trying to get some idea's for a pneumatic paintball loader. I want to be able to using pneumatics, feed a ball through a feed kneck, and into the breach using pneumatics. Any suggestions would be great, or ideas.
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