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  1. I know. Oh... thanks Suddenly...? -.- as you wish, back to topic
  2. picture of this stuff <--- my question was relating to this link, sorry.
  3. I have a question about TACN... If I use Cu instead of CuO, would it also work?
  4. (I come from austria) I can buy KNO3... But I think it`s unnecessary to use the fertilizer, there are more efficient ways to harm yourself...
  5. what would you use to ignite it?
  6. Hi. I`ve lost my name, so if anyone of you... I have to go. *runs off*
  7. What`s up? Post them. (numbered please) ...
  8. Perhaps it would help to see the video.
  9. Thanks to my bad english, what`s a k3wler? ^^
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