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  1. Thanks for the pdf file its nice read. In windows though,altough its not as random as this method windows provides some cryptography secure methods you can use that depend on keystrokes mouse movement and other methods.
  2. Yeh,it will double each year its a pattern he noticed now its even more than the rate of doubling,but soon stuff can't be doubled anymore.But that will be fixed by the introduction of quantum computers .
  3. Hi guys, I am from Egypt as you may know we had our revolution. I just wanted to improve education here in Egypt because here most education is just based on memorizing atleast in many school not really explaining what behind formulas. So I did a Facebook page about Education and posting online tutorials and videos that explains math,etc. I just wanted to know or get suggestion what other methods you think to improve education.Personally I believe new education should be on the internet. I made this Facebook page,but its not really famous what are your suggestions to for example I can work on in my spare time to improve education,since now its best time to work on it since military can be talked to easily now. I am a first year student in electrical engineering and planning to do major in physics too,so I am experienced with physics,math,programming,etc.
  4. Hi I am GenericCoder from Egypt.I am interested in physics,math,computer science,and electrical engineering.
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