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    you can make a simple smoke bomb out of KNO3 and sugar. just melt them together in a safe work environment
  2. I don't know of any purple compositions but you can check on http://www.skylighter.com
  3. Hydrogen is a diatomic molecule
  4. can't lycopodium powder be projected through a flame to produce a pyrotechnic stage effect similar to that of a gerb?
  5. Brand new tires and new shoes are the best smells, but chlorine is a very gross smell to me
  6. ok i thught that the residue left behind was toxic. plus chlorine gas is produced
  7. I know for sure hive honey is the best, but the next time you go to KFC ask for honey and look at the ingredients list
  8. Thanks, i thought it was going to be really hard
  9. I always thought they were, but i guess im wrong
  10. is the process involved in making kno3 hard? because im really running low. thanks=)
  11. I could not agree more, there are so many people who think they can just throw together a mixture and not have any safety preparations in case of a worst-case-scenario if there were less people like that the world would be a better place for all home-chemists
  12. What i would do to get the gold out of old computers is just take out the old cpu and snip off all the little prongs and instead of buying an entire computer just take the cpu out because the prongs are all gold
  13. If i were you i would just use black powder in stick form.by turning it into stick form i mean dampening it and compressing it,that way the potassium nitrate will dissolve into the pores of the carbon thus making it stronger. forcing the propellant through a nozzle will also strengthen the rocket
  14. Flash powder is composed of two ingredients, completely insensitive to light. no one said they weren't friction sensitive though
  15. the only mineral fibre that i know of is asbestos but thats some nasty stuff. hope that helps you, see ya
  16. hello, a few weeks ago i tried making black powder for the first time and if you were to substitute the potassium nitrate with potassium sulfate would it have any effect on the mixture? just wondering,thanks
  17. Some compounds for colored flames: Barium nitrate-brilliant green copper nitrate-green Fe203-red theres a few
  18. Never mind,i just realized that nitrogen triodide is highly un stable and would explode in shipping the boxes
  19. I always thought that the active ingredient in poppers was a minute amount of nitrogen triodide
  20. I know that mixing de-natured alcohol with styrofoam and it creates quite a flammable paste
  21. I, myself am a beekeeper and all that i know about honey is that the stuff straight out of the hive is as pure as it gets. the honey you buy at the store(if it is a really cheap brand)is only made out of high fructose corn syrup and coloring agents depending on the type of honey that you buy.
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