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  1. i dont understand .. What kind of softwares are there to deal with anatomy? You said you had some for your pocket PC right? Tell me some of them.
  2. I don't think there might be any software for human Anatomy. But there are lots of websites, You might be knowing Wikipedia
  3. Actually Honey contains no sugar (may be a little, i am not sure) It is a sweet liquid made in the crop (a temporary stomach like structure) using nectar as a raw material. The nectar is mixed with saliva of honey bee in the 'crop'. aeowww! But its nutritious. So finally. The nectar goes inside the mouth. And later after sometime Honey comes out through the mouth itself And there is not sugar in it.
  4. i didn't mean that, man made elements like technicium...nd natural elements like hYdrogen or something.. Thank You
  5. satrohraj


    I like them, But they hit me accidentally on the back of my neck, in its flight, when i was walking back home..I was 10.. It was like someone hit me with a small stone Actually they dont run into anything like that, you know they can track position, size, etc of the object with some infrasonic sounds which human ear cannot hear...You might be knowing it right? Now I am 17, and I am a biology student, I should be interested in them, even if i do not want to But I like them..their wings are awesome, and their sleeping style too..lol
  6. Yeah, Its pretty fast If you want it faster try diluting the water (that reduces particulate matter in the solution, thereby increasing the absorptivity) Or You can just Use a Red Ink/Black Ink/Any coloured ink I mean do not make a dye, use ready made dyes/inks
  7. satrohraj

    Acid Rain

    Actually they are not the components of rain, They get mixed up with rain water Nitric acid id formed when NO2 reacts with water in the presence of lightning Similarly SO2 and CO2 react with water to give their respective acids Damage from each acid is different, you better check them out at wikipedia
  8. Its S-phase in interphase
  9. ...I Shall check this out and say!.... The Process is called Omosis. Read it contains all things The liquid moves from higher conc to lower conc The difference is plants develop a cell wall, which animals do not
  10. no we don't We pee only when I urinary bladder is full The urinary bladder is full when the urine gets collected The Urine gets collected when the kidneys purify the blood I think its no way related to drinking water
  11. what is meant by the word cornified? Usage: Cornification, Cornified scales, etc Thank You
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