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  1. Well what i think that is that this argument is on unstable grounds... I mean there is a possibility that all animals can sense earthquakes but some don't respond. There is another animal that can sense earthquakes and catastrophes and other natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis. I may be wrong about this because when a camel senses a sandstorm it responds by protecting itself from it but I'm not really sure what it would aainst an earthquake. As for snakes I'm sure that they must be able to feel the earths crust plates move around and make an earthquake. They will probably respond by going away. Then again I may be wrong. Remember, we're on unstable ground. Only just enough to quarrel.
  2. I beleive he's just a guy who wants to prove his point. I mean come on, you have to realise that neither global warming will kill 2,000. Not just right now I mean. And even though many people were killed by both heat and cold its not likely to increase largely. I think that this whole argument is pointless. He only shows one side of the story because this probably began from another argument. This argument would be pointless if you ask me. The answer is that both heat and cold will kill us. One or the other. (But then again no one did really ask me so...)
  3. Then again you never know when plants can react to humans...Already plants are (by nature) pretty agressive so I would think. There are some deaths in Africa saying that carniverous plants are eating up humans. And I disagree tht people will be able to get through another decade at this rate... I mean COME ON. You have to say the Earth is dieing and we'll die with it. Plants are the most agressive things other than us. Well at least that's what they say...
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