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  1. Hi guys. I wanna know how did martial arts come into use and when
  2. Hi guys!!! I over here am a macromedia flash expert wanabe. For all he computer freaks out there you must be knowing about Macromedia Flash. So I was just wondering thereis this site called http://www.learnflash.com and from it you get free videos every week. Tutorial videos for macromedia flash. If any of you guys are in it please we can exchange videos or it would be very nice if you could just give me the video. Thnks a lot. Please help me. You could also just teach me some cool efects. Thanks a lot guys
  3. Woah..i dont get the name stealing thing that you mentioned and you might want to have a look at your grammar before you took about my tangle of words..I still can't make sense out of it.
  4. That is sooooooo coooooool...where do you have these so called "astronomy clubs"...like what do they have inside them? Are there powerful telescopes and other instruments and charts and models on display or do we simply talk cosmos over a beer??
  5. This is truly amazing. For all those pessimistic people who thought that absolutely nothing ever existed on Mars and will never exist...they might just want to think again. Scientists from NASA have confirmed that Mars was once "soaking wet". There could have been life there who knows how many years ago. But this is truly big.
  6. hi i know this question. its related to this theory. the number keeps doubling itself. so i guesse you will have to take a calculater. and keep multiplying your result by 2 till you have done it till you have done it 36 times
  7. Hi guys. can u pls help me. I need to know 1). What is the function of the stomach in the digestive system? 2). How can an upset stomach affect the other organ systems of the body. Thank you
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