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  1. I saw a really cool article a few weeks ago about possible endings of the world. It made me think of some really scary things and one of them was quite argumentatively pleasing that I had to ask whether someone can prove that it cannot happen. Now, wormholes, blackholes and rips in timespace continuum can occur, and if I am not mistaken, they do so when there is releases of energy or something similar (don't hold it against me). Now imagine one of these rips occurring near a star and the other side of this rip is close to Earth itself. Could energy pass through a rip like this and literally boil earth. Uh and I also made a drawing of the whole concept to better explain what my mind was cooking. MSpaint is pretty cool huh ..!
  2. guess leptopn, quark etc are the ranks in this forum, I actually dont know how they go, I just now they are ranks. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergeduh, I am a quark
  3. check xckd for some cool stuff
  4. Drilon

    What if...

    Well guys to make thread more interesting why don't we continue this "what if ..." thing. It would be interesting to use imagination in a science forum
  5. Jokes about blonds Q: A blond and a brunette fall of from a 10 story building, which one hits the ground first? A: The brunette, because the blond lost it's way down. :doh:
  6. Drilon


    We've heard of favorite actors/actresses, favorite musicians, music etc etc. I guess its fair to ask about your favorite scientist my favorite scientist of all time is Nicola Tesla
  7. Drilon

    What is Fire

    I might be out of line here but I think you should really check this image since we are talking about fire. Its the image of the Fire in Zero Gravity http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Candlespace.jpg
  8. Drilon

    What if...

    Well we see objects ( including human bodies ) because they reflect light, well at least that's what I've been taught . Take this example: Basically radars work as human eye they send radio Frequency waves, or whatever wave they send they send, and when the RF hits something it returns back showing the position of the aircraft. The F117 Plane does not reflect this wave and thus it remains undetected, unseen by the radar. Now I mean what if human bodies do not reflect the light that hits them. Maybe It was my mistake mentioning the light absorption because bodies tend to do that. What I meant was not reflecting the light.
  9. Drilon

    What if...

    A friend of mine made a mistake one of these days by saying that human bodies absorb light . This got me thinking what if that were true, how would we look, some black shades or some blurry image of the background. I'd like to hear your opinion on this matter . All the best:D P.S. Sorry if there is any other thread like this one
  10. If anyone wants joost (http://www.joost.com) invitations, PM me. Include email in the message.
  11. Sorry I didn't do it earlier. Ill do it now. cos^3 x-3cos^2 x+ cos x = 2cos(x/2 + pi/4)sin(3x/2 - pi/4) cos^3 x-3cos^2 x+ cos x= sin2x - cos x cos^3 x-3cos^2 x+ 2cos x - 2sinxcosx=0 cos x(cos^2 - 3cos x +2 - 2sin x)=0 if a*b=0 then a=0 and b=0 cos x=0 => X1=(2n+1)pi/2 and the second equation is: cos^2x - 3cos x - 2sin x = -2 the equation matches the result X2=2n*pi but I just can't figure out how to solve it because everything I do just messes up and makes it more complicated. P.S. Thanks in advance.
  12. I started to solve this equation but it seems I'm doing something wrong. Here s the equation: cos^3 x-3cos^2 x+ cos x = 2cos(x/2 + pi/4)sin(3x/2 - pi/4) I got the first solution X1= (2n+1)pi/2 The second solution according to the book: X2=2pi*n
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