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  1. I worked with many on prototypes that eventually went into production. The first might have cost a million $ but the millionth may have cost only $10.00. There is actually a formula out there. Usually, the cost of a part for a prototype can and is way more expensive than the same part, bought in masse, for production, making the mass produced item way cheaper than the prototype. I don’t care if you believe that or not. Try it. Go to the grocer and ask the price of one steak. Now ask the price per lb for a whole cow. See the huge difference? Your comment on diet and growing costs are thus handled. Regards DL
  2. No. I have no basis for my opinions. I am only speculating. As to your issues of cost. Like most things, I imagine the fist one will cost million, if not billions. After a time, they will be relatively cheep. Look at any product ever produced. That is the trend and you might trust me on this because my opinion may have value to that statement because I was in sales and marketing for most of my working career. Regardless, cost is a side issue and has nothing to do with the limits we should or should not set to cloning. Regards DL
  3. Was our first God a man? Should our last be as well? In reading a bit of history, you will find that the ancient men of power labeled themselves as Gods. Their progeny were called sons of God. I am not clear as to why Emperors and Kings did this. Either to compete with the other Gods or to displace past older Gods. I am not sure. Perhaps people had already started to think of God and laws as the same thing. Scriptures tell us in John 1 that. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh. To me, this means that the notion of the word/law was replaced by a leader/God and the consensus required to formalize the laws/God/word. Many thing that the word/flesh was Jesus but this obviously cannot be because Jesus is the N T God and this is way in the beginning of the O T. My conclusion, based on nature and how the ancients would have perhaps seen it, follows this logic trail. The God of any animal is one of it’s own. The God of ants is an ant. The God of lions is a lion. It follows then that the God of men should be a man. No other animal, other than man, has taken the notion that it’s God should be some alien or an entity of other than it‘s own kind. In terms of society, we have always followed men. Be they men of wealth, politics or religion, men have always been the ones to decide policies and the laws we follow. Today, most recognize that the laws in scripture are man made. There are always the mentally lazy, literalists and fundamentals, who will foolishly believe that the word of God, the Bible was actually written or inspired by God. Most of intelligence will know otherwise. God would not start his word with a talking serpent and his cursing the earth that he just created. God is not that stupid. Only his literalist sheeple are. Why we ever decided to chase after some invisible, absentee, super, miracle working God we may never know. The past hides it’s secrets well. Most Eastern religions recognize the myth base of their beliefs. Mostly, it is the Western Abrahamic religions, including Islam, that for some reason decided to literalize scripture and give historicity to it’s God and Jesus even as the originators of the Bible, the Jews and Hebrews. Any who have studied the older religious traditions will know that the Bible is a plagiarized account of many of the older religions. This is well documented. Genesis tells us that A & E became as Gods. History tells us that many ancient men of power took that same title. Islam has Allah as a tile meaning God, a title. We have always followed the laws written by men and if I stretch my imagination I could even wonder if these men were inspired somehow. Is it likely that we have misinterpreted the meaning in our ancient books and that the ideal God is supposed to be an abstract entity who we are not ever supposed to find. Is God, the word, just supposed to be a set of rules. I believe so. As interpreted by one man. Remember that that is all Moses came down the mountain with . Words and rules. We are heading towards a new world order. This is being let by the U N and the World Monetary Fund. The political world will have it’s God/man but if the religious world remains fractured, it will be sucked up by secular forces. This is inevitable to my mind unless religionists unite somehow under a new God. Recognizing that A & E and thus all of mankind can be as Gods, is it not likely that our first God was a man of power? Should we not now, since it looks like the world is on some kind of brink, consider doing what revelation indicates is to happen at end time, and elect ourselves a new God and give him power? Was our first God a man? Should we have a new man, as God, in this time? Regards DL
  4. That was the past. Now it is Lear jets and trips to outer space. Get with the new program. LOL. Regards DL
  5. If, and that is a big if, that culture ever developed then it likely would not matter as all would share in the opportunities of cloning. We presently have a normal pyramid type of socio economic demographic pyramid. Your scenario would need a flat, communistic type of socio economic demographic shape. Do you really see the world going to that type of system. That is rather Star Trek type of world and we may never get to it. Regards DL I do not think the jury is in yet as to the morals of cloning and while you are correct as to what kills us, there is no reason to think that in the future, we will not develop or clone systems of arteries or whatever we need to prolong life. Not to go too far off the topic but think nano technology. Regards DL Perhaps. I do not mind them so much though because they help us think outside of our own box and helps us solidify our pro arguments. Regards DL
  6. As I said. just the stratification of our socio economic demographic pyramid. You may be right about the nouveau riche but as I also stated above, we already have the political and government workers above the rest of us, generelly speaking that is, and it would get worse if the rich and powerful were longer lived or could download into cloned bodies. Regards DL
  7. Good point. Speaking of eugenics. Will the rich not have a rather good tool to lock their families into a perpetual position above the poor classes who would never be able to keep up with them. Even as we speak, some families, notably those in politics or working for governments, have become a superior class within our demographic pyramids. Will society be stratified into a caste system based on wealth? Regards DL
  8. Do the laws we presently have that control science and medicine matter. Most people think they do. Do they really? I’m not sure. It seems not because secularism is more geared to freedom and not so much to dignity which is what this O P is indirectly speaking to in terms of veneration of life. Regards DL
  9. Cloning a body is easy. Cloning a mind, impossible. An Einstein clone could end up being a dunce without the right rearing. Regards DL I said nothing about solving the abuse. I just showed how it and cloning will meld. The solution is simple to know. All we need do is venerate human life. The how of getting that mind set is the hard part. Regards DL I cannot see humans being better at menial tasks than machines. We already see this all about. Human dummy clones will not outwork machines. Regards DL
  10. Do you think one science will take off without the other being close behind? I see them both progressing closely enough that they will mesh. Watch. Regards DL The present systems already abuses human bodies produced the normal way. Are you so dense that you cannot extrapolate from there? Regards DL I think that all the technical problems will eventually be taken care of and as far as human rights go, the mindless hulk of organs that we end up growing will not be thought of as human. Regards DL Exactly. The ugly scenario I see will be a beautiful body with just enough consciousness to survive, suck and fuck. Yuk. Regards DL
  11. I agree. You have no quals about cloning humans? Regards DL I can picture a worst case scenario where marlim Monroe is clones to produce mindless sex machines. Secular governments are about to the point where they will legalize prostitution and in effect place a price on the use of human bodies like any other tool or comodity. Quite ugly but it is on the way. Who if any will care about these sexual mindless chimera? Regards DL What I said to SMF applies here too, I think, and I would add that I think we shall see science produce, let’s say a self contained utter and digestive system of a cow to produce milk, instead of a full cow, in the future, so a sex machine will not be far behind that kind of ----innovation. Humans have no limit to imagination. We all know that somehow and somewhere, someone will break any rules authority puts in place. Even as we speak, all major cities have a sex slave market and my scenario is not that far off track. Regards DL
  12. Cloning. What if any should be the limits? We have begun to clone various animals and chimeras. As technology progresses, and it inevitably will, we will push the envelop of cloning to, I believe, it’s furthest reaches. We, I think, have not done much with human cloning but it is a possibility in the future. What, if any, should be the limits set for cloning technologies? We know that, over time, some countries will likely not have any limits on these technologies. I think that competitive forces will eventually force all countries to remove any limits. Stem cell research is a good example of these competitive forces. Obama reversed Bushes restrictions on this research and called it a good political decision to reverse a bad religious one. What, if any, should be the limits set for cloning technologies? Regards DL
  13. I am on your page airbrush. Wherever all the matter that makes up the universe was, was in a space and it had to have a place to expand into another space. Regards DL
  14. Whichever is real, our reality still cannot have both 8 dimensions and 12. Either or. Not both. Regards DL
  15. Exactly. Yet they both claim to be the ultimate answer to what the sub atomic world is. Regards DL
  16. Yet machematics show for one the existence of 12 dimensions and the math done another way show only 8. They cannot both be right and that is why neophytes like me just shake our head and wait for science to clean up it's act. Regards DL
  17. When science goes beyond the, might and perhaps and may have, type of language, to the, did and does type of definitive language, then the reputation of science will get stronger. Till then, neophytes like me will just wonder why scientific imagination is as --out there-- as religious --God did it, imaginary language. The desire to publish may have exceeded the desire to be accurate and right. Regards DL
  18. Yes and starts to act in weird ways. Here is the latest I have found just in case you are building a library. Regards DL
  19. I did not see the actual temperature shown although they did say it was cooling faster than normal. At absolute 0 matter does do strange things and I wonder if this is part of that strangeness. Regards DL
  20. This would be quite a simple question to answer if we could ask the magician who pulled building 7 so easily without preparation. Regards DL
  21. If we lived near the edge of the known universe, perhaps, but from here, we cannot see far enough and thus, recognizing our limmits in terms of travel time in the universe, we will never likely prove whatever theory we come up with. Regards DL
  22. I was surprised to note that in this place of quality and higher learning that no one is speaking of 2012 and it’s spatial consequences or possibilities.Personally, I do not believe any of the speculations but do wonder just how advanced our forefathers were and why they would bother creating such a long term calandar. Do you consider the doomsday scenarios as bogus as I do or is there anyone who gives 2012 some serious thought? Regards DL
  23. I think that scientists are looking for a needle in a haystack at our present level of knowledge. We are up to what, 16 other dimensions to make ideas of super strings work and is it 8 to make branes work. Do scientist look like they are doing science. Not as much as in the past. Belief in science is on the wane somewhat I think because we are behind in prooving some of these stranger notions. See you in the multi-verse # 12236 Regards DL
  24. As long as you are not an egghead. This is more my style. Regards DL
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