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    Are fecalysis, urinalysis, cbc, and serum electrolyte levels enough work-up for acute diarrhea? I've had watery diarrhea (no fever, no abdominal pain) last year and had these labs taken which showed unremarkable results. Gave me metronidazole because amoebic dysentery is pretty common in the locality. Stool returned to normal in consistency after about a five days. Same thing happened to me recently and the labs were also normal. Prescription also consisted of metronidazole even though there was no cyst or trophozoite in my feces. I also could not believe that I would get amoebiasis twice since I'm very careful with what I eat and my housemates which are also eating the same thing didn't get loose stools. Should I have been put into further work-up because the labs were inconclusive?
  2. paralysis will lead pooping in your pants and it's included in the exam
  3. we had a small group discussion in our class and our topic was this. we can't agree on which muscle is the most important for fecal continence. we argued whether its the internal or the external anal sphincter. I looked for it everywhere and I can't find the answer. sources don't specifically say it's the IAS or the EAS. if you know the answer, please help
  4. oh, sorry about that. i was referring to white blood cells. i was thinking if there is an easy way to induce leukemia in mice.but it's ok now. we're thinking of another study
  5. thanks. i tried that. it's a good thing also that my roommate bought a few new editions. harper's biochem 27th edition has improved illustrations and diagrams compared to the 23rd. aside from that nothing much has changed
  6. we are currently planning on conducting a research and we have to increase WBC to more than normal in mice as part of preparing the specimens for tests. what method can we employ?
  7. It's my first year in medschool. and i need to some medical textbooks for my course. I decided to just borrow from a cousin, who is already a doctor, because I'm saving money for my tuition. These books are not the latest editions. Can I rely on them for references? How different is the 6th edition from the 9th edition? For example, Guyton's Medical Physiology.
  8. oh, yes. what i gave was the original question. our teacher changed it to exopolysaccharide on our last meeting.
  9. What do you think of the bonobos? They sometimes engage in male-male or female-female intercourse. I'd consider that homo. So, I think it's natural. But maybe i'm wrong in my definition of homosexuality.
  10. We are now on the synthesis of the different macromolecules in a prokaryotic cell. Our teacher gave us a homework and now I am trying to answer the last question. But I can't seem to find anything on the internet or on the microbiology and biochemistry books I went through. Describe the process by which capsule is synthesized in a bacterial cell. I tried to key in "capsule synthesis", "glycocalyx synthesis", and "synthesis of...". But all I got were abstracts that didn't really explain anything about the process. I would appreciate any help.
  11. I enjoyed reading the discussions:P but is it really possible to create artificial wombs?
  12. Do you know any expert on ecosystem valuation? or someone who is experienced in environmental management, doing surveys for such? oh, i ask your apology for posting this thread. i'm just hoping maybe anyone could refer me to someone i can talk with regarding the said matters.
  13. Yes, I agree that a pre cum could contain some sperm, and there is some chance that it could impregnate a woman. but the sperm's survival would depend on many factors, one of this is temperature. sperm survives longer on lower temps but i don't think it would live for several days. from http://www.madsci.org/posts/archives/1999-01/916415658.Cb.r.html i believe this is true since we have handled sperm before and we worked on a cooler environment. the sperm on the sample only lived for about 3-4 hours.
  14. at least that's what i think science is. biodiversity can be valued for the potential benefit that can be gained. if a certain area has some organisms that were identified to have no economic value at the present, economists would put a small value to the biodiversity of that area. thus, it becomes exploited. i think they are ignoring the quasi-option value, the value of the information made available through the preservation of a resource.
  15. girl here. i rarely post and i have encountered this thread just now while browsing through the other thread.
  16. I have read that it is valued less than it should. but i think it would really depend on what kinds of organisms are involved. How to give monetary value to biodiversity? How much value should one give to biodiversity?
  17. I am trying to get how much the ecosystem services are valued by local communities surrounding a mountain range. and i want some opinions on what method is best to adopt. Contingent valuation method would ask respondents directly on how much they are willing to pay for an ecosystem service. Contingent ranking would make them rank the ecosystem services including a good with a money price for threshold according to preference. The communities might have some people who can't read nor write so i might conduct an interview or explain the questionnaire to them. I think the first method is more susceptible to biases. However, the second method would require a good with a money price for threshold. and i can't think of any that wouldn't affect how they would prefer it (e.g. i would prefer a car than a farm land because i can use it or i prefer a farm land than a car because there are no roads in our area).
  18. got 1.97. and i'm even a member of an environment preserving org. lol
  19. The chicken's egg that we eat is unfertilized, so you can't call it an aborted chicken fetus. But we enjoy 18-day old duck's eggs. its a street food in our country. going back to the question, i would consider a human embryo a human. it's not just any other embryo and it would eventually lead to an adult human.
  20. but could you say the ones with hands are more preferred than the ones with digital display?
  21. yes, it works to help me get better. but manufactured drugs really help in giving immediate relief. anyway, i haven't caught a cold recently. btw, i haven't heard any reported case of anyone getting a stroke from taking PPA
  22. and the clock on my pc is on a standard clock with a face because I don't have time to change it.
  23. I thought you have already encountered this news. Anyway, I also have doubts but considering the risk, I might as well opt for another med? Do you know anything that could take the place of phenylpropanolamine?
  24. is religion here synonymous to the church or sect that deals with people's spirituality? I understand it in other ways. Anyway, I can't imagine what the world would be like without people belonging to a certain religion. I can't say it would be more peaceful since conflicts don't usually arise from clash of beliefs and faith but rather of political interests. so i'd say it is pointless to hate religion. and belonging to one is just a matter of choice. some people become more productive when they are motivated that good things will come to them in the afterlife if they are good.
  25. interesting observation. but i like the ones that display numbers though. they allow me to tell time right away. I sometimes get confused when the hour hand is so much nearer to the next hour.
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