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  1. Come on then, is any science fans in here a fan of Jean Claude Van Damme? If so check: Van Damme Rap He was created in either the lab or by a higher force so you should all love him.
  2. Mostly Youtube, haha. Youtube was created by the gods.
  3. I like a whole range of music. I like bands such as: Blink 182, Simple Plan, The Smiths, Depeache Mode, Hatebreed, Lamb of God. As you see the scale does range quite a bit, haha.
  4. Hey everyone, I am new here but I am not that smart . I love reading up on new things related to science that interest me so I will be looking at a few posts to discover new things, the only downfall is that if it is new to me I can not really contribute to the threads as of yet. I really hope this is ok.
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