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  1. Seems impossible. Neurons once dead can't be recreated or repaired. This should be practically possible not theoretically. Like, if someone dies of heart-attack, than recreating the same atomic structure is impossible. Science is unaware of what happens to atoms when one dies. But, if you assume it to be possible for a second, then creating matter also becomes possible.
  2. Actually, I didn't copied. We had a presentation on biology and I learned the same definitions as given in wikipedia. When I came across your thread I remembered the same and typed it in here.
  3. Why can't we have a practical shot here. Create a vacuum inside a bell jar and now think how something might be created. Beware you can use no other chemical or even the contents of bell jar. Only the vacuum is yours!
  4. I agree with the nothing must create something. But this is a bit religious point of view. Nothing means nothing. This is practically impossible to create something out of this. Only a supernatural power can do it.
  5. The electromagnet made using a rod won't help because the force is concentrated to a really small area, that is a point. If you have a magnet which has large surface area, you can probably pick the metal pieces up, the force same as in case of rod shape electromagnet.
  6. Eat bananas buddy. They burn slowly and provide energy efficiently. Also, not always fats are burned. They are shifted from their location until it is necessary to use them up.
  7. rktpro


    Creating matter as it was in past seems to be practically impossible thing. You are telling us to make another universe. You can't neglect time even if you think the theory can be practically implemented.
  8. Big Bang is only a conception. It has been proved by some experiments and disapproved due to others. But, all agreed to have this theory and take it as a base until they find something new(and they won't because the capturing of antimatter at CERN has verified everything).
  9. Inflammation is a protective attempt by the organism to remove the injurious stimuli and to initiate the healing process. Inflammation is not a synonym for infection, even in cases where inflammation is caused by infection. Although infection is caused by a microorganism, inflammation is one of the responses of the organism to the pathogen. Without inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal. Similarly, progressive destruction of the tissue would compromise the survival of the organism. However, chronic inflammation can also lead to a host of diseases. It is of two types- acute and chronic Basically, in acute, movement of leukocytes from blood to infected tissue is increased. Immune system and tissues present of the spot also help.Prolonged inflammation, known as chronic inflammation, leads to a progressive shift in the type of cells present at the site of inflammation and is characterized by simultaneous destruction and healing of the tissue from the inflammatory process.
  10. attacked by virus!

  11. Do you think it was a big ball of energy and from this energy was changed into mass?
  12. Nothing can match even the speed of light and you want it to be double. It won't be an illusion. It would be time travel. Time will slow down as compared to the universe. Also, you will gain infinite mass and would require lots of energy to speed up! Mathematically, it's possible only when you break all laws of physics!
  13. In science we ask for visual explanation of everything. But we term all those stuff we can't explain as Nature! As far as creating energy is concerned, you can only convert it from one form to another. And time do exist. You can't break the theory of relativity by just posting a thread. Space and time are inter-related. So do mass and energy! Can you create mass? No, you can't create something from nothing. So, you can;t create energy.
  14. Albert Einstein – Relativity – The Special and General Theory I will love to read this but I have read only books written by other writers based on this book!
  15. God created the earth and the humans. It were humans who created science. Science actually is a way of understanding what God has done for us. Understanding everything in the whole universe.
  16. This only happens in science fictions of those Martial arts movies.
  17. rktpro

    New Language

    Try 'Sanskrit' and you will really enjoy it! It's difficult to learn but when you have it, you gonna love it!
  18. I think you can't go to past. You can go to future only. A one way travel. The same program showed this type of travel! Slowing down the time!
  19. NO atmosphere below the surface that will make them spend a lot of money for proper ventilation! And also you can't grow fully when you have no sunlight!
  20. Which is the best website?

    1. Incendia


      There isn't one...but the entire google network is close...

  21. Gravity is related to sharing of gravitons...why don't use time finding them!!
  22. I think 3 times the speed of sound. For this you have to remove the windows because they might melt..
  23. Is work done when you contract your muscles. I think NO
  24. When we fail to move a heavy stone even after applying force, is work being done in this case? Is energy transformation taking place
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