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  1. I didn't read all replies to your question but still I could give some different answer. An easy and cheap way is to Drink a full bottle of Cola Drink(which consist of caffeine) and eating a full pack of Mentos (sugar, wheat glucose syrup, hydrogenated coconut oil, rice starch, gum arabic, sucrose esters of fatty acides, gellan gum, natural flavors). The person would die withing 5 minutes. This is because the above diet makes cyanide inside the body.
  2. rktpro

    Sahara desert

    My geography teacher says that Sahara was once a large sea. I don't believe, actually.
  3. rktpro


    It has been made a culture by regular practice. If you do so, you would be declared mad and put behind bars. You can only be nude in warm when everyone else is. Making a practice vanish is not that simple.
  4. Polystyrene dissolves in benzene or toluene. Polyurethane can dissolve in acetone (CH3)2CO. Polyethylene is resistant to most organic solvents.
  5. rktpro


    I have it on a DVD. I would install it today. Wormholes can be created but they require a lot of energy. Heard of Bermuda Triangle? my teacher says that a wormhole is developing there.
  6. I have to participate in a quiz and they will have one round on 'History Of Chemistry'. I found this Wikipedia Article. Can you provide something more? It would be a great help. Also, one round would be about the works and theories of Prafulla Chandra Ray. links would highly be appreciated. Thanks again. |rkt|
  7. Obviously not. Those who dedicate themselves to Science will accept every fault of their theory as readily as they accept its fair points. Ideas are floating constantly. It was a situation during the BC times when someone who stood against the knowledgeable person was beheaded. Now, with the end of open crimes against humanity and crimes against science, people have become active and feel free. The + and - points given to certain posts really makes this thread colourful.
  8. Science is a way of understanding the environment. Don't confuse it with only Environmental Sciences. Even someone who is illiterate knows mathematics and can do simple questions. Science is a way of approaching everything going around us. The reason might be just curiosity, getting advanced medical information, getting advanced 'Number Games' or just compete with others to disapprove them. Mathematics helps us practically solve our situations. Whatever helps us can be termed as science, until and unless it is a study.
  9. They have to be underlined only when written by hand. When typed, they should be in italics only without underline.
  10. Reading any subject requires great precision and concentration. You should revise all basics again and again and then tackle the difficult part. It would be easy if you understand and give it time than just cramming. Use proper language, mate. Focus on punctuation marks as well!
  11. If you currently have Windows installed in your computer then go to Start> Right click on My Computer and then on Properties. Under System you will find which built your computer is of. Simply burn the files to disk.
  12. Arrange your computer in a car running at 200 km/h and keep the heater on.
  13. Yes, he has a lot of experience.
  14. But he has successfully treated a lot of people and he is always correct.
  15. We have a doctor near our place who can tell you about your disease by just checking you pulse. The amazing part is that he is always accurate (he will look for cuts or something in case of external allergy or something). Is such a system of treatment scientifically possible? How can pulse rate tell what disease you are suffering from?
  16. In a number of countries, some sections of the society are backward, both socially and economically. The government of such countries, for ex. India, has granted reservation of certain percentage in the governmental services. This percentage is 27% for India. This means that people who belong to reserved class will get 27 seats out of every 100 in department, if they apply for the respective jobs. The advantage of this system is that people who are socially and economically poor can get benefit and raise themselves as active citizens. The disadvantage is that those who have better qualities and belongs to general or unreserved section of society get no job and those who even being less qualitative but belonging to backward class avail jobs easily. Also, the reservation is for only those backward classes who are not socially and economically well-up. But, all citizens of this category avail this service eve if they are far above the poverty line. So, according to you, is reservation for certain quotas necessary and what are it's advantages and disadvantages?
  17. I think when you touch two objects together, they will become a single object having mass equal to the combined masses of the two objects. If, a third object is placed, you can calculate the gravitational force between the two.
  18. Ah, I see. You know a unicorn is horny.
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