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  1. IMHO, Since we don't know who's who on the internet, it is necessary for the forum itself to list the experts. SFN has done that. You know, even if you are new, that a 'Physics Expert' would have said the right thing. Saying that you have a PhD doesn't and shouldn't work. And what's the problem in all of it. Everyone knows that someone with a PhD talks and types like a thesis. Links, links all around but not a link to the original premise means that the person is joking/wants you to believe in everything/retard.
  2. There are mermaids in pacific. I have spent all of my life on ship.
  3. Taking full advantage of the amazing lectures would be difficult for him in the beginning. He should first target for a strong base. http://www.amazon.com/Six-Easy-Pieces-Essentials-Explained/dp/0201408252 http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/benjamin_crowell
  4. Is there any evil twin of yours who manages your account.
  5. rktpro


    The atomic number of sulphur is 16. The Electronic Configuration would be 2,8,6 The no. of shells determine the period. The no of valence electrons determine the group. But, here add 10 to 6. Group would be 16 or VI. I suppose you too have studied short form of periodic table.
  6. All are homework problems. I even remember seeing a book that contains all of them. Why don't you go through the examples first?
  7. My book says r^3/t^2 was found constant by Kepler. What this constant is called? How is acceleration equal to v^2/r in case of circular motion? Why is rate of change of momentum or say product of mass and acceleration equal to force? Why not was it ma^2? How was it proved that it is equal to ma? How newton showed that a spherical body of uniform density behaves as if whole of its mass is concentrated at its center? Also, why is it that a symmetrical body of perfect density balances about the point of center of gravity? What are the latest and advanced means to calculate the value of acceleration due to gravity? How do we estimate mass of a double star? These questions remain unanswered in my book. Maybe because they are little tough to understand. Please keep the replies as simple as you can so that I have no problem in understanding them. Thanks for reply!
  8. No, that is natural selection. It is selection by nature whether a specie survive or not. My question is, How acquired traits reach the gene level?
  9. Delta1212, Thanks for the information. So, it is all accident. I wonder what science has named that. What is the scientific term? DrRocket, You seem quite an interesting man. I thought you spend time on math and science but you keep looking at biology section too. Interesting!
  10. @Myuncle, I want to know what causes the acquired trait to move to the gene level? Is this nature? My teacher said it isn't. She said it is a game of chance.
  11. So 'life' decides whether a trait will go to gene level or not? Do we call it nature? Is it like a game of chance?
  12. @Moontanman, I want to tell that scriptures don't have false claims. I here refer to scriptures of Hinduism only because I never learnt about others. The history of Rama was written by a man years before Rama actually appeared. His writings are still widely popular. I have again and again insisted that you read any English translation of the Indian Scriptures, like The Gita. All knowledgeable people here debate about Christianity and other religions. Take a look at the most ancient one. The Vedas answer truly. The contain answered questions. They don't put something which is illogical. Get a translation, it might add to knowledge.
  13. Like this one I agree, all religions want peace for all. It's only that people are forgetting that.
  14. For a peaceful life we have religion, for a healthy life we have science. I look at it like this way. Religions sometimes offer accurate facts too. Like the Vedas have, accurate age of earth, the span of divisions they have made and all. There are pieces which were written well before the actual event happened. No doubt, the actual events have been proved. But still, those who say we neglect science and worship God, must be at mistake. Science is essential for body, but as they think they are soul, religion is essential for them. If religion is the motive of life, vitamins and minerals lead to the path. Science is for body, again I say. In today's world, the one who neglects science, neglects God, and his powers.
  15. Wow! Nice advice, really. An advice after 6 years is not too late.
  16. But where is 'Mother in law's saliva' placed?
  17. The atmosphere at that time was reducing. A reducing environment can be obtained only in a lab; not at some place full of oxygen.
  18. So, if it is the case that acquired traits can't be inherited, or can only be inherited if they reach the genes, this means that, homologous organs, which have different no. of bones have arise not because of environment but because of change in genes. What is the factor that has governed it?
  19. My book provides a little knowledge about this. It says acquired traits can't be inherited. But the theory of evolution is based on it. Isn't it. Haven't homologous organs arise due to change in environment and other factors. I mean to say the once a trait is acquired, it may be inherited in the further generations.
  20. Because of inflation, Santa was worried. A man said to Santa- If you want to get money, go and stand at the entrance of a hotel. They will employ you and pay you. Santa goes to a hotel and asks the receptionist," Madam, where is the manager? I need to talk to him." Receptionist points towards a man standing in the balcony," Sir, the one standing there as Santa Clause is the manager."
  21. Santa got a box full of antimatter fuel. His reindeer have suffered evolution, drastic evolution, that they only want antimatter for the flight. On the other hand, the sleigh is no more wooden. It has been made of same alloy used in aeroplanes. But still, he might have sweets for children.
  22. Try getting more knowledge about what type of compound salt is. Then you can read the general chemical properties that type of compounds. It will help you. You will have to read something more about salt online. I can't simply tell you what physical properties it has.
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