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  1. "I believe evidence. I believe observation, measurement, and reasoning, confirmed by independent observers. I'll believe anything no matter how wild and ridiculous, if there is evidence for it. The wilder and more ridiculous something is, however, the firmer and more solid the evidence will have to be." Isaac Asimov
  2. Thank you. And a happy birthday to you too.

  3. Id love to chat you but i have no idea of what time of day is best. Mabye 6 to 9pm. And what time zone?

  4. Id love to chat with you all. But everytime i go there i see nothing happening. And lately ive been saying hi to see if anyone is there and i get no responses. Am i to believe the 20 people that are usually in the chatroom are not ?
  5. I think i found the staus tab. but i see no way of writeing /list there.

  6. I cant type into that status bar. HOw do i do it?
  7. This is a message i recieve when i go to the chatroom. Warning: Other chatrooms are not under the control of SFN. If you enter another chatroom, we are not responsible their behavior. So how do i go into other chatrooms? If i wanted to. The chatroom says channels #snf. Do i need other codes to enter other rooms? And if so. Is there a list somewhere to those codes that I can get a hold of??
  8. i hope your doing well these days. What aspects of biology are you into? That is all i care to read about anymore.

  9. that would make sence if it happened to others too.
  10. i know its nothing to worry about i just have this crazy notion of wanting to know why things happen. And i really dont have to to go searching the forum for an answer right now. does it say admin to the right for some reason?
  11. that makes me feel better about this. thank you. it would be cool to get an in depth explaination.
  12. At the top right of this webisite is a small version of your profile photo. Below that it says sign out, my settings and help. Strange thing is that photo that has always been the same as my profile picture has changed to a pony in a red setting. Nothing i ever saw before in life. This is ok with me. I would like to know if there is an explanation for this happening all of the sudden?
  13. It malfunctions everytime i change my photo. Which is very often.
  14. What time of day usually? And time zone of course.

  15. yes. i know the difference. its the profile photo i want to change. Seems that the avatar changes when i change it but not my profile photo. I change iti and hit refresh over and over and nothing happens. Ijust trued changeing my avatar too and nothing happens. WTF!
  16. Long time no text. how ya been lately?

  17. Im editing this because i thought it was in english but here goes rthe obvious question. Why wont my profile photo change? I would thinnk the title impies the question. THanks.
  18. I only come by to check messages these days. I saw you in chat once and said hello but i didnt get a response. Do you ever chat here? And if so what day and time california time? See you around. I hope. :)

  19. Thanks capn but i figured it out from a diferent forum. Thank you.
  20. Internet explorer and windows XP professional. When i click on a websites short cut to open the page it doesnt fit my monitor. I know about the maximize option at the top right hand of the web page. But it would really be cool if i did not have to click on that every time i start a web page. There must be a way. i dont know enough about computers to figure this out on my own. Than you.
  21. I'm running this by question by everyone i can. How do I open a website and have it actually fit my monitor full size instead of like fitting half the screen like it does.? And i'm not talking about F11. There has to be a way.
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