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  1. I'm fine. Thank you. :)

  2. I'm so sorry... I wasn't there for such a long time. I hope you're okey. :)

  3. Thank You Somehow I think it's amazing to create an illusion like this one.
  4. I found it on website. I don't understand how it is possible, so if somebody is able to explain this to me I will be grateful
  5. http://urbantitan.co...tural-crystals/ Here, I originally saw this article on polish forum, and I thought that is a hopeful news. The scientist can make small thing invisible by put it in on the right side of calcite crystal. For now it's not enough big to see it with naked eye, but scientists are optymistic and said that it will be possible to enlarge it in near future.
  6. Have a nice day, too :)

  7. Yes. Bones which are in birds, are not completely hollow. They only have many large cavities filled by air. Something like slice of honey.
  8. I'm reading "Supernaturalist" by Eoin Colfer. I think, that books from this author are great (another, is for example, series "Artemis Fowl").
  9. I think that school uniforms shouldn't exists. In Poland, pupils must wear uniforms because <insert here two first arguments presented by Marat>. I don't agree with this, that school uniforms will help poorer parents, because we have mind and we can create many colorful clothes from "anything". "-I can look much better in my old dress, if I will choose some accessories." It depend only of our cleverness.
  10. I think that if something like Higgs boson will exist in LHC, protons and neutrons which 'participate' in this experiment can lose their mass (if they are near the Higgs boson) and 'take it' back (if they are receding away from it). But it's my suggestion and if someone can confirm or deny this, I will be grateful.
  11. Like all cells, cells which create brain need food and oxen to create energy.
  12. Hi! My name is Monika. I'm 14 and I'm from Poland. I like science but I'm not a genius (congratulations Autolycus) I just want to learn much more about intresting things in the world. I interested of everything. I'm so happy of can be on this forum. Sorry if I have failed somewhere or I have told something stupid. And sorry about my English.
  13. It depends of our brain. If brain stops work we can't do anything, but if brain hasn't stoped work yet we can try to use an electric wave or something else. The second opportunity is known as a clinical death. EDIT: Sorry timo - I don't note your answer.
  14. I'm not sure but I think that we can't do this. I'm sure that we can't restore dead person to life.
  15. Amazing! And what about Mudskippers? They are so funny and they can jump on the land. They have a pair of fins looking like hands too.
  16. Pollen is a something which attend in creating a sporophyte on a gamethopyte. Gamethopyte produces male (pollen) or female (ovules) gametes and if they fuse, sporophyte will comes into existence (it will grow on the gametophyte). Sporophyte includes spores which are like seeds and if they fall into the soil (and have great terms), they will turn into a new plant. So, in shorter version: Pollen is a male gamete which attend in creating a sporophyte. Spores are something like seeds (but they are more numerous than seeds) and they fill a sporophyte.
  17. I think that something wich is named here as "dead-end evolution" exists. I know only one example (difference than porifera) of species which maybe confirms this. Have you ever heard about Latimeria chalumnae? Probably it hasn't changed a lot from around 60 milions years. Sorry, if I failed and my example doesn't confirm this. And sorry about my English because I don't speak it very well. Mokele - your idea is great.
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