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  1. Well Americans do elect their politicians in the first place, it's their fault that those terrible politicians are in power. You don't have to change their minds - elect someone who isn't a terrible politician.
  2. I mean't lets see as in lets see if you can find problems with the suggestion. That's exactly what I expected you to do.
  3. Where did you get the idea of me actually trying to get this schedule implemented? I was only suggesting it.
  4. I wasn't planning on testing it. Maybe you'd like to try it.
  5. What you are suggesting is me becoming nocturnal for a week...I'm pretty sure doing that would be in violation of my 'body clock'. It would go against my circadian rhythm, which would probably have negative health effects. (I'm quite sure messing with the circadian rhythm causes jet lag, and may have other negative effects.) My suggestion means keeping within the normal awake in the day, asleep during night cycle that humans have evolved with and naturally follow. Maybe switch back to the current schedule for Friday.
  6. What if the order of time we go to work/school and free time were reserved? Work/School would be at the end of the day, rather than at the beginning. Over-sleeping would cut into your own spare time rather than work/school time, so there would be little excuse for being late. Also, you'd go to sleep soon after you returned home from work/school, and sleep provides good stress relief. I'm pretty sure there is scientific evidence for sleeping after learning helping those learnt things being remembered. Seems like reversing our daily schedules would benefit the economy and intelligence/work
  7. That was my understanding, too. Does the universe need 3 spatial dimensions? (No, but it has them anyway.)
  8. Seems to me that the only benefit to alcohol that you pro-alcohol people are providing is that people can socialise better. Well maybe it's time people learned to talk to each other without having to be drugged and slightly poisoned first. In my opinion, there is something seriously wrong with a society whose members must drug & poison themselves in order to socialise well. Alcohol should be treated as what it is: an addictive, poisonous, drug. All the other addictive drugs were immediately banned once their addictiveness was discovered, and yet nicotine and alcohol remain legal eve
  9. There are currently 4 known dimensions. The three spatial dimensions and time. I was wondering about the possibility of more than one dimension of time, just as there are more than one dimension of space. I'd be interested in hearing what the members of this forum have to say about this thought. You can speculate about extra dimensions of time yourself if you want.
  10. Incendia


    Nope - doesn't mean I can't think, even if I am wrong. My opinions will probably change in the future when I acquire more knowledge. It would be more helpful to teach me the truth. Pointing out that I know nothing about business isn't helpful. A lazy person in a socialist economy would also get "sacked". The 'you'll lose your job if you are lazy' motivation isn't lost in socialism. Also, surely people prefer being rewarded for work, than being punished for not work. Punishment can cause otherwise lazy people to do the bare minimum in order to be paid. It's not really motivation. Rewards
  11. Why did you ask you biology teacher about the big bang? Surely you should have questioned your physics teacher...or read some books...or at least used the internet to look it up....or a dictionary. Also, theories can be disproved. Theory: A supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, esp. one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.
  12. Why?, because poor nations have high death rates and need high birth rates to replenish their population. Nations with high mortality rates (often the poor nations) are likely to be the ones with high fertility rates: World Fertility Rates (Map Above) World Death Rates (Map Above) Notice a correlation?
  13. Incendia


    Market Socialism does function, and does function alongside Capitalist economies because governments don't ban cooperatives. Many of these cooperatives are very good quality and can compete with capitalist enterprises. The reason socialism isn't obvious is because capitalist businesses are so easy to set up (you simply need property to sell, property which makes property which you can sell, or investors for your idea) and vastly more common. They also allow the property owner/dictator-of-the-company(the person who owns the company profits, property, and business(boss)) to hog any profits made.
  14. Incendia


    I do not advocate the abolishment of individual property. I just favour cooperative. Cooperatives do not denying incentive, all profits generated by the cooperative is shared by the workers rather than going straight to the manger - this actually increases the incentive to do well, because if the company does well you have more pay. (Sharing is good, so why not share you business with your workers? Also I remember reading something in (I think it was) NewScientist which gave reasons for why workers should elect their boss - elected bosses are one of the characteristics of good cooperatives.)
  15. Incendia


    Why has only Ceti Alpha V posted?There's no point answering the poll if you aren't going to say why that is your opinion, this isn't a discussion if you just answer the poll and decline to post anything.
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