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  1. Take six blocks and place them on the scale, with three on each side. Outcome A: Both sides of the scale are equal. Compare the remaining two to find the heavier block. Outcome B: One side is heavier, take two blocks from the heavier side and weigh them. If one is heavier than the other, than you've found the heavier block. If they are both equal, then the remaining block out of the three is your desired block.
  2. Currently being a grade 12 chem student of Alberta, I have just written part A of my chemistry diploma, the written portion, and will be writing the second part multiple choice in about an hour. I must express my gratitude towards this site. I don't post often, I mostly read, which has proved extremely useful and deserving. Now, one of the written questions I just answered was an opinion on the best way to produce hydrogen. They gave you three options to choose from, using propane, coal, and the electrolysis of water. Seeing all of those, I pretty much verbally vomited all the information I had read from here and researched into. So, I smoked that portion of the exam. Bwahaha, pure satisfaction. The point is, if I hadn't joined here I wouldn't have gathered enough interest to look into chem that much and write that diploma as well. So, here is a thanks for all of you, it has led me that much closer to that 100 I want. Oh, I love science... -- Lou Err... yeah. That's it.
  3. This doesn't sound like a bad idea. I write often, and I know I would post a lot. So far, it doesn't look like I've contributed much on this site because I usually just read it. It wouldnt hurt to try something out again, would it? Although, we obviously need to stir up some interest before it can be done, and figure how it could be set up. The thing when discussing langauge, it can be split up in so many ways because it's so vague. You can talk about different languages used specifically, or the uses and purpose of language itself (but that would be getting into the philosophy of it).
  4. I've been working at this for about twenty minutes, now... All I've accomplished is the feeling that my retinas are about to detach. Naw, I've figured out how it all moves, I just have to solve this bugger while the same question reels in my mind, "Why did I do this to myself?"
  5. I thought it was cute... The slap was because they really hated each other, tho.
  6. This reminds me of another kind of test we took at school. It was the first day back from summer vacation, and the teachers wanted us to, and I quote, "know what it feels like to be dumb again" So, they gave us a sheet of paper flipped over. We were told that it was a basic mathematic quiz comprised of 30 simple questions involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. We were also told to read the instructions once flipped, and to complete this quiz within one minute. Sounded simple enough, but once the class was told they were given a time limit, panic was already rising to finish it in time to get a decent mark (and thus, not feel 'dumb'). Not a lot of people read the instructions like I had when we were given the 'go'. They said something like this: / means minus * means divide + means multiply - means add Of course, no one really picked this up until the last second, or until we started correcting it. I was one of the few who passed.
  7. The only kind of fan I have is a pocket one, and I'm still alive, too. Blasphemy. It's cheaper than everything up there. (it probably helps that I don't exactly live in an extremely warm climate, either.)
  8. Louise


    Don't worry. If it doesn't work out, you can always use this as a substitute. Man, I dislike highschool relationships. So full of unnecessary drama. Brace yourself... I'm about to be a little mean, as per usual, as most people think it is. C’mon, I’m just having some fun, I'm not trying to offend you. Your little pocket bitter old woman. Haha, you’re a wuss! And what a wuss! Usually I don't resolve to name-calling, but this was just too perfect of an opportunity. By the way, I like to use the word ‘obsesstuated’ with situations like yours. If you haven’t caught it yet, it’s ‘obsessed’ and ‘infatuated’. I just read (speed-reading is a wonderful thing) this entire thread, only caught the jist of things. Oh, geez, you’re such a pessimist… stop that. *slaps* stop it now. Don't think too negatively all the time. Just go and ask her to hang out if you really want to continue to be with her, be stark, dammit. She’s probably as frustrated with you as most of the people in here if you act this way towards her, too. If she doesn’t want a relationship, don’t force her; it’ll only screw up whatever you have. Anyways, go read the ladder theory (over and over again, if needed), and take note of the rule... "If a girl asks you to help her with her homework, you're probably on the friend side of her ladder." Voila. The cruel truth. Although, there's the rare occasion that it doesn't mean she thinks of you as just a friend. But other than that, I have no doubt that everything within the ladder theory is true (put some alterations depending on the age and maturity of the person, that is) You're smart. Study it. Hilarious, isn't it? You might be surprised how much of it is true. And believe me, there are plenty of people out there who naturally like crazy and weird people like you! You know how I know that? I found one! But he’s male and he’s mine, back off. Find a girl-version. They exist, and they come in many varieties. Whether it be a smart one, a shy one, one you can easily talk to, a bitter one, they’re out there somewhere. You’ve got years, many opportunities, highschool isn’t the end of the world. Hell, you’re going to see her in university, right? If you’re still obsesstuated with her and failed to do anything before uni starts, go through a fantastic makeover during the summer. Next time she bumps into you, she’ll probably be wondering who she just saw, and heaven forbid, she may even recognize you and wonder why she didn’t talk to you more! Glory days. Now, go start by teaching yourself a choreographed dance to Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb” By the way... it's about 1:00 am here and I'm a little burnt out, so if anything didn't make sense up there, just... erm... ignore it.
  9. I'll take a stab at this jam problem. I know they used alcohol a lot for cleaning wounds, because they didn't have a lot of access to antiseptics during the first World War. I'm assuming jam was used the same way, however, Genecks has already guessed that, so I don't know how right I am. Oh well, here's for some redundancy, if so. I'm not sure if they had a lot of access to bandages back then, otherwise, they would probably use those on the wounds. See, they needed something to put on the wound to seal it and prevent infection. Jam is quite sterile, if it wasn't, it would just go off in the container (and that's not good for eating, certainly not good on a wound). I know some jams contain enzymes, as well, so much the better. They had food, at least. It's not like they would stuff bread into a gushing wound by a bullet, so jam would make the most sense for what was available to them.
  10. I knew couldn't hold my true identity for long. Sorry to dissapoint. Here's what I actually look like:
  11. I'm going to agree with you, Snail. Just reading this, I've started to notice the 'sniff' amongst the people I know. What's funny is, I do it constantly, too. It have a little trouble believing that it's a 'hey, you smell funny' subtlety because, well, I don't have a sense of smell... however, that tidbit of information doesn't make that theory fallace. I was able to smell in my youth, so I have reason to believe it could just be out of habit, now. I’m a little late in this discussion, but I support your guys’ theory because it sounds very similar to another reflex, the contagious yawn. I do know that yawning could have come from our ancestral past, something called a ‘stereotyped action pattern’ that used yawning as an aggressive signal. For example, yawning is an agressive social signal among animals like monkeys and baboons. Dominant male baboons engage in ‘threat yawns,’ a gesture some scientists interpret as being more threatening than a raised eyebrow or a stare. I have this, oh, feeling that this yawning nature is the same with humans, as the same relationship could be with the sniff as well. Just a hunch. We claim to cover our mouths because to do so otherwise would be ‘rude,’ but maybe that’s our civilized way of saying it’s somehow threatening. I’ll betcha some of you have probably yawned by now; since I started typing this up I’ve yawned five times. An open-mouthed yawn directed at you may not actually be a physical threat, but it can convey an unflattering, even unfriendly message (even if we don't have prominent canines to help) Anyways, I'm getting a little... erm... offtopic... (and I'll bet there's probably a yawning thread out there that had said all that already) but my point is that I think the 'sniff' is relatively close in nature to the 'yawn'. I don't think the sniff is a threat, specifically, but perhaps a reaction to intimidation. However, all of my thinking could be absolutely wrong. Always possible. By the way, I didn't proofread this, so if it seems a little choppy and just wrong, well... you know why. [/end speech]
  12. Oh, goody! Oldboy (if you haven’t seen this awesome movie, do it. do it now. Dae-su Oh: [after a very messy beating] Anyone here with an AB blood type, raise your hand. ) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Shawshank Redemption Batman Begins Gladiator Pulp Fiction On a good day, Se7en EDIT: I'm aware that's more than 5, I swear I don't have counting issues.
  13. Louise


    Wow, I'm just in highschool, no university... the standard courses that deprive me of my sanity. So boring. Chem 30 part A and B written and MC English 30-1 part A and B comprehension, essay and personal response Social 30, world history and ideologies, both part A and B MC and essay Calculus, part A and B written and MC I took on a bit of a load this semester for myself. Alberta is the only province in Canada that puts both world history and ideologies in one class, one semester. Everyone else splits it up, like the sciences (chem/bio/physics) Grr. Those diplomas are creeping up pretty damn fast. Anyways, dealing with pre-exam jitters are a difficult thing to tell you about because I hardly ever get them. If I do, I just stop studying, because I know I'll burn myself out and do horribly. If it happens, I read or watch something completely irrelevant. And Y-S, it depends how your exam is weighted. or wherever you go to school. My exams are worth 50% of my grade this year, which could either be a really good or horrible thing. Actually, I haven't technically passed any of those subjects up there except chem, because I currently have a 100 in that (which could also be ruined, I still have another unit final) So, I don't exactly have the glory of accidentally sleeping in, missing an exam (like I did last year) and still passing my course. They were only weighted 30% then, poo.
  14. What an interesting thread. I just recently have started to have sleeping problems myself, a bit unusual, but I was beginning to get less and less sleep prior. I actually started to write a series of journal entries at the beginning of it, written at the same time, around 4:30 am or so, because I study human behavior a little more seriously than others (and I'm just a nerd). It officially started on the 8th of this month when I pulled an all-nighter to finish an English assignment featuring the holocaust. Not a pretty subject. I was finished around 3:00, but couldn't get to sleep after. I figured it was the result of studying and writing about horrible images for several hours. For the record, I already thought it was unnatural, because I could honestly look at any of the images on rotton.com and not be morbidly disturbed (not that I make that a habit) The next night confirmed my suspicions. I didn't have any work to keep me busy, so I read all night about politics, quantum physics, evolution theory and various comic books I found in an old box relating to my youth. Usually, reading would put people to sleep, but c'mon, Spider-man is too exciting to put down. Every night was the same. I believe I began to experience microsleeping during classes. On the fourth night or so, ironically, I started researching into the subject of insomnia after I had no one to talk to on msn. Interesting stuff, it is. My friends, naturally, were worried about me. I was more upset that there was no one to talk to on my msn at 4:00 in the morning, cept the occasional person who just came back from work. Friday came, last week, hallelujah! I was able to squeeze in a few hours. Then, I wasn't able to get to sleep again for the next week. Ooh, my hopes were crushed. I may have fallen asleep during a band rehearsal, although I'm still unsure of it considering the circumstances. I may have even just imagined it. I probably had some sleep somewhere, but I don't remember. I'll assume I have, otherwise I'd probably be seriously unwell right now.These last couple weeks have been a blur. The hallucinations (that I was aware of) came to me about a week into this crazy marathon, I'm still unsure about exactly when. It was a quiet, work period, occasional small talk, and I suddenly yelled "What? I don't understand this, professor, where does the point lie in a homosexual spider showing off in a circus tent?!" If you ever thought you heard a room suddenly go quiet, you may be wrong. I heard the breathing of the student a row away from me. I still wonder how I was able to come up with something as obscure as that. Last night was the first night I was able to get 5+ hours of sleep, hopefully I'll be that lucky tonight as well. I'm waiting for the moment where I begin to mumble incoherently, consistently. My grammar has obviously been affected to a point already. Crazy. I'm not extremely worried about my lack of sleep, it gives me more time to read and learn about stuff, including the new superhero suits featured in more recent issues... I mean, more time to read things like 'War and Peace'. [/speech]
  15. You have a couple years, good thing you're noticing this now. Sounds like you're exactly like me, cept I don't have any parents to stop me from procrastinating. No, I don't recommend you do this, but this is me: I had a 69% average in grade 10, and a 72% in grade 11. Not like I wasn't smart, I just didn't work. A month from now I'll be graduating with an (estimated) overall average of 96%. Guess I decided that getting into a university was a good thing to do. I'm so concentrated now that I even forgot to get my grad tickets; my friends had the lovely pleasure of reminding me at the last minute. You don't have to be a little stressball and working-hermit to get good grades, either. I'm the most relaxed person I know, and still go out every weekend because I've got myself a good system to work with. It sounds like you just need a kick in the ass to get you going. The fact that is was my last year, my last chance, was a good enough reason for me. Perhaps it'll work for you. You might take awhile to get into the groove... hell, you might even work for a full day on something that would take another person half an hour. That's the bloody procrastination, practice will help you get faster. Just ask yourself this question consistently, "Right now, am I doing the most important thing I could be doing?" Oh, and you need passion for the subjects. No one can work well without it. In the end, procrastination prevents you from reaching your goals and leads you into a world of 'if only...' Don't ever let that happen. Here's some advice to beat procrastination. Become mechanical Study at the same time everyday, and don't let anyone bother you. Its your time, and do it everyday, even if you don't have any homework you can always study. Make yourself the goal to finish an assignment in a certain amount of time to help you concentrate fully on it. Sausage method I'm about to use an analogy here, so, you know, enjoy. You can't (normally) wolf down a sausage in one bite, can you? It would be hard to swallow and I'll bet that you'll choke and porbably even die. Same goes for assignments and studying. Small, managable tasks are less intimidating to get started and are easier to complete. Oh, fancy that, you may even make yourself more free time. To-do-today list Sounds nerdy? Too bad, it works wonders. It keeps you on track. Use your agenda. Oh, and don't say no to friends, they keep you sane. Get yourself a close friend who is one year older than you, preferrably someone who has taken all of the same subjects. Leach to them, make them tell you what areas are important to study. And always ask yourself 'why' you're doing the assignment, or studying for a test. All these things probably sound pretty daunting. However, fear comes after you beat the shit outta procrastination, so that's a good thing. Alright... I'm done now.
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