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  1. I need to find 2 chemicals that are safe for school use and that react safely that would be able to reach 100-200c thanks
  2. well it is that at the moment but it could be bigger. 11.43cm is 4.5" and i plan to use that one
  3. well the parabolic mirror i think should be 11.43cm diameter. The attachment has all the info on that you should need except the 15 degrees c should be 11 as that is the yearly average temp
  4. how can i calculate the surface aria of a parabolic mirror
  5. so if the souse of light is the sun it can't be any hotter than that
  6. Is there a sum to work out how hot the point of focusing could get with a parabolic mirror? thanks, matt
  7. mattr888

    new idea

    yer i sore that lol and i was going to get it off u tube as well
  8. mattr888

    new idea

    anyone elce got any thing to say?
  9. mattr888

    new idea

    thanks mate i will do some experimenting with mirrors and other type of lenses and all that. and i think thew water butt will be slightly lower than it is in the picture.
  10. mattr888

    new idea

    new diagram.bmp The question im going to arks is what type of lenses should i use and what dimensions would it have to be to work efficiently. Also any other improvements i could make would be yourself
  11. k and it would be fully in closed
  12. if i change the liquid would it work more efficiently. and would a normal magnifying glass work to boil water. im going to do my own exsperments as well
  13. hi

    I am matt and im still at school so i came on here for help with my engineering project which uses science

  14. how would i be able to make it more efficient but without doing much changing.
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