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  1. I thought of cucumber? Maybe it has to do with the kk sound? And Carrot is the most commonly eaten kk sounding vegatable?
  2. When someone thinks of a solution that works with what they already know, does it cause it to be true? Does thought shape the universe? Or is this just a stupid idea :bs: ? What do you think?
  3. There's something like quarks or protons that can move form one place to another. I know what they all are, but not sure which one moves without using time. Electron apear standing still when observed, but move by the time you look at them again. Which sujests intant travel. Something like that?
  4. Does this have any thing to do with the two slot experiment. How light behaves as a wave and a partical?
  5. I’m only 15 years old and probably not as educated as some of you, but I have some ideas. First of all, I think Time travel is possible. How: Electrons have a tendency to move from one place to another using no time at all, how is this possible? I think wormholes, but tiny worm holes. If we can jam a worm-hole open, say, a meter wide then we could travel through our selves. Here’s the time travel: Let’s say there are two sides of a worm-hole that you have lodged open, so you send the side A of the worm-hole at light speed around the planet a couple times, and bring it back, but keep side B with you to travel through. Then the side A of worm-hole’s time would have gone slower because of the light speed travel, thus it would exist in the past. Now when you travel through side B of the worm hole and end up at side A you will be in the past! Thus time travel occurs! Problems: First there’s the problem that you can’t go further than the instant after the time-travel system. That would explain why we don’t have time travelers coming back to our present. Then there is the problem of going back and stopping yourself from going back in the first place! So you create a time loop in which you go back, and then stop yourself from going back, and then you never went back so you can go back in the first place, and so on and so on. Very similar to the example of the man going back, causing his Grandfather’s Death, therefore he never existed so he never went back, thus he never caused his grandfather’s death so he does exist, and then he goes back and causes himself not to exist again be causing his grandfathers death, again. An endless time loop, that is inescapable. Solutions: There are possible solutions: first there could be self consistently laws, that make sure you can inadvertently cause a time loop, or possible prevent you from changing anything at all. Then there’s the second: That there is a natural mechanism that doesn’t allow time travel to exist. Possible causes an explosion an instant before that worm-hole is in the past, destroy the matter that is used to lodge it open, or possible the worm-hole itself. Or maybe no one can live through the time travel process to protect from time loop. There are many thing that could happen, possible it’s just not possible to travel back in time, but I think so. If you have any comments, please post, or send a PM to me! I’d like to know how plausible this all is. Thank you, EinsteinTheory
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