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  1. No, not at all. Why does everyone have to hate VB lol. It's an easy beginner language, and I think it would be perfect for what he wants to do.
  2. Personally, I find VB to be an excellent language for top-down or sidescroller type games. You make a picture box for your character, tell it what file you want in the box, and set parameters to move it around. Very simple.
  3. Killer Whale in Denmark eating an elder berry. But Idk if killer whale is acceptable, perhaps Orca eating an apple.
  4. The top rotor on the cheaper micro helis is used for trim mainly. You bend it this way and that depending on how the helicopter turns. But back to the OP, I think you could do such a thing, but a capacitor would not give a very long flight. I recall having a styrofoam plane that would charge for 5 minutes and flew for about 5 seconds lol. And that didn't even have heavy servos or anything for control. I'd say your best bet is looking for a cheap battery setup, they can't be that expensive these days(hopefully).
  5. I despise Cobol. Everyone had to learn it in my A++ course and it just sucks:mad:
  6. Another 10m wave, perhaps started with explosives at the ocean floor.
  7. JesuBungle

    Drug data FYI

    Good find. It's missing one thing though, Focus Factor.
  8. My theory is, thanks to SETI, the aliens are already en route. You know why we don't hear anything back from other planets? Because they're all smart and stay quiet. They don't want the bullies of the universe to come destroy them
  9. This also happens in the wake of larger boats. You can follow an algae trail for 5 miles to an aircraft carrier.
  10. LOL, leave it to the Japanese:-)
  11. Yes, Boston did over react. I love ATHF. The thing they should be angry about, the Mooninites flipping the bird, was overlooked. I say charge them with graffiti and some kind of charge for an obscene gesture(at most).
  12. My question is do you want to spend that much money on a new graphics card for that computer. If you do, find out if your motherboard supports any of the newer graphics cards, if not I'd look into a new computer. Oblivion is a hell of a game, it really takes its toll on a computer. It's pretty much only the brand spankin new ones that can handle it on full detail and resolution. EvoN1020v, Titan Quest was not coded very well imo. My friend has a Gen 2 XPS lappie, and I have an i9300. And at random moments the game will just crash on us. I'd look around for all the patches you can find for that game. It's buggy:-(
  13. You'll know when you burst an eardrum, it's quite painful. And when the pain goes away you'll be walking at a slant for a while.
  14. I'm sure you can do it. The question is how will you feel afterwards. I once played 48 hours straight at a LAN party. The actual playing for that amount of time was easy, but trying to move afterwards was not. It took me about half an hour of stretching before I could move enough to carry everything back to my car. My advice would be to take short breaks. Get up and walk around or you might be in pain for the next couple of weeks (like I was lol).
  15. Exactly, presidents like Ford and Reagan were hated up until they died. Then they were called heroes and everybody loved them. It's sad that this will probly happen to Bush as well.
  16. Radon? Idk, I forgot my chemistry a long time ago. But that would be my guess.
  17. Well I'm a hot 20 year old, you should hook me up with Stephen. I'm not gay but I could give it a try for $$$ Ok that was gross. This guy kinda sounds like the bad ones you always see in the movies. Like...The Wedding Singer comes to mind. But idk, just observe how he treats her and such. He might actually not be what you think at all.
  18. Also, a $5,000 telescope isn't worth anything if the stand is low quality. Idk exactly what kind of stand you'll want, but try to avoid anything plastic or flimsy metal like they sell at the Discovery Channel stores(extremely overpriced btw). Or even better, make your own.
  19. When you get into the range of $280, you can get a better guitar than a Squier. The company is a division of Fender. Fenders use better parts, better craftsmanship, and just all around sound better. Around that price I would look into getting a Mexican Stratocaster. They're about $350 new, but you can find some good deals once in a while.
  20. This is something I finally understood when I turned 8: You can't get something for nothing. You won't get unlimited energy out of these devices since you are only putting a limited amount of energy into them.
  21. Another example is drug use. If someone has a good experience the first time using a drug, they're likely to do it again and again, to try to recapture their first high. If the person freaks out, they probly won't be as willing to do it again.
  22. My 2 cents: If we have the technology to disassemble and put humans back together, we should be using it to fix body parts or to erase cancer:-) That would be way cool.
  23. In hunter safety they taught us how to do a similar thing. I forgot since I haven't gone hunting in like 5 years, but it was something to do with digging a hole and putting plastic wrap over the top and a cup in the bottom...maybe
  24. I'm still stuck on Perfect Dark myself. Love that game. But yeah, I just sold my 360 this weekend and used the money on a bodykit for my car. Now I can go cruisin for ladies:D
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