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  1. Thank you friend. Well, why this happen? I mean is this a forum rule?
  2. The total number of my posts, including this one, is 4. However as you can see in my profile it says 2. Why? How can i fix it? Thank you.
  3. Yea thats true, i dont thing that something will happen soon. This is bad according my opinion too. These guys are dangerous without Nucks, imagine them with these kind of weapons in their hands. Their programm is not for peacefull purposes as they say, but for the creation of weapons. They must be stopped at all cost.
  4. I believe they must hang Saddam for his crimes against humanity. He has kill so many people during his Dictatorship 1979-2003. He deserves death penalty, this will be a very clear message for other Dictators too...
  5. I believe that if these guys dont stop, the Allies must do Airstrikes against their Nuclear facilities and some military targets. The second is neccessary for make Iran unable to react - E.g with Missles against Israel. I also believe that the Allies must vote for Total economical embargo against these guys. What do you believe? Please if you dont want to answer, just vote.
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